Let Your Mind Dare! – Daily Shatzi: Tuesday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday 🙂

Have you ever dreamed about what your own world would be like, if you could create one?

What color would you have the sky be? Purple? Green? Pink? Would you have two suns? or No sun and just yellow stars shining during the day? Would you reverse the color of the ground with the color of the ocean?

Would you have your people living under the perfect utopia or would you rather let the roar of anarchy shake your countries? Would you let people in love being in love, no matter the color of their skins or their sexual preferences, or would you chain their passion and try to rule it?

Imagination is such a wonderful thing, the wilder it gets the better it is. Assuming that you don’t cross the lines of decency and legality, there should be no censure in the confines of your mind, so why not take advantage of this and express the way you see the world in any outlet available?

It can be a song, a movie, a book, a painting, a composition, a drawing, a clothing, a sculpture, a poem or a dance. Imagination is a muscle that need constant exercise which is great because the outside world constantly needs its strength.

It’s our imagination that brings beauty and hope in our existence, it is our imagination that allow us to dream, to hope and to love. We all want happiness, we all strive for it. We all imagine what it would be like to accomplish our dreams and finally meet our success.

That creativity, that quality, that light inside of us is what makes us invincible, stubborn enough to get up when we are being repetitively knock down and brave enough to dare the impossible and make it possible.

So be brave, dare to imagine and then, create.

Quote of the day


Picture of the day
Credits and Copyrights: Christian Lindstén

Song of the day

The Cranberries “Just My Imagination “

There was a game we used to play
We would hit the town on Friday night
And stay in bed until Sunday
We used to be so free
We were living for the love we had and
Living not for reality

It was just my imagination
Just my imagination
Just my imagination…

There was a time I used to pray
I have always kept my faith in love
It’s the greatest thing from the man above
The game I used to play
I’ve always put my cards upon the table
Let it never be said that I’d be unstable

It was just my imagination
Just my imagination
Just my imagination…

There is a game I like to play
I like to hit the town on Friday night
And stay in bed until Sunday
We’ll always be this free
We will be living for the love we have
Living not for reality

It’s not my imagination
It’s not my imagination
It’s not my imagination
Not my
Not my
Not my……




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