Me, Myself and I Tracks Challenge – If Your Life and Soul Had an Official Soundtrack

Hello Everyone and welcome to JGC Blog!

Today, I wish to introduce y’all the Me, Myself and I Tracks Challenge:

Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything”

If you are a true music lover and if you can relate to Plato’s quote then this challenge is for you.

Writing this post felt so intimate and personal. If you know a little about music, I feel like my own list will tell you a lot about who I am and what I went through. Doing the Me, Myself and I challenge can be very taxing as well as very healing.

The challenge is very simple:

  • You must list all the songs, tracks and compositions that truly represents who you are. 

If you are a music fanatic, if during your life, a song or a composition helped you heal inside or build you up mentally and emotionally, if you can safely say while listening to a song “This is who I am, this represents what I am” then list it and share it through this challenge.

The more exhaustive the list is, the better!

However, you don’t have to explain why this song is a Me, Myself and I one. You can just make a list. The most important part of this challenge is to be honestNo shame or flame is allow, if you prefer a cover instead of the original song then list the cover version! Do you boo.

If you want to add a short sentence or a long story explaining the meaning behind it, go for it!

There is of course, no limitation in how many songs you may add and no restriction to the English language, however to do the challenge you will need at least five songs.

To sum-up:

** RULES **

  • List all the songs, tracks and compositions that truly represents who you are. 
  • List at least 5 songs.
  • Be super honest, it doesn’t matter if you love Disney songs or metal rock. It just needs to be YOU.
  • Share it with people and challenge them to do it too!

I created the playlist on Youtube so if you want to listen while skimming the list, feel free. Otherwise, I hyperlinked all songs 🙂

So, without further a due, here is my”Me, Myself and I” track list:

There we go. 74 songs. All of them being true pieces of my soul, my heart and my bones.

If you can relate to some of those songs or just want to comment on some of my choices, let me know! And if you want to do the challenge please tag your source and share it with me!

Thank you for reading this,

Stay Golden,





  1. Wow what a great exercise. I was a musician in college, I married a musician and now have musical kids. Music is definitely the soul of the universe! I’m going to try and compile a list. It will be, like yours, huge. Thanks for the post!

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