What Is A Daily Schatzi?

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to JGC Blog! Let me introduce you to the “Daily Schatzi Theme.”

To help people find inspiration, beauty or just plain fun content, JGC.com will now post an article containing a quote, a picture and a song, everyday.

Yep, everyday. Think of this as a daily package of culture sweetness. Depending of the mood, I will share my quote of the day, my picture of the day and my song of the day, all in one post.


I decided to call those little postings “Shatzi”.

A Shatzi is synonym of “Sweetheart” or “Darling”, and I think it completely fit the spirit of this section. It will be short, sweet, light and a good way to start your day, or finish it.

The Shatzi section is something you can inspire yourself with, discover from, and above all share with others. I spend so much time listening to all kind of music in the world, discovering incredible pictures of places, people or objects and reading heartwarming quotes everyday, that I cannot keep all that awesomeness to myself. I want to share. To me, this is what culture should always strive to be, a sharing and caring experience.

So enjoy and find the list all “Daily Shatzi” keywords. If there is a theme that interest you more than the others, you can now find the Shatzies related to it below:



  1. I love this idea! I have a similar idea that I call 5 currents. It’s basically 5 current things that are prevalent to me currently. I plan to post each week 5 new currents. Any tips since you already post this type of content?

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    1. That’s awesome! I definitely will check your series out! My best tip would be to be true to yourself and honest in your writing. Write about what you like and love and don’t think too much about what your readers are going to think! If you are passionate about something and you want to share it with us, then that’s what we want to read.

      I’m looking forward to it! ^^


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