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Hi ya’ll!

And welcome to the 9th edition of our Geek Talk Series!

I had the incredible chance to attend the Captain Marvel movie premiere in Paris at the Grand REX on March 5th.

It was absolutely awesome and the best thing about attending a premiere is that I was surrounded by fellow geeks as obsessed and excited as I was.

Being a comics fan, I was already familiar with Carol Danvers, I didn’t have any good or bad expectations for this movie, I just needed something good and soothing after the scorching hurt Infinity War dealt me. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the best Marvel movie I’ve ever seen but seeing my favorite characters die that way was awful. Cool but awful.

I needed a win.

Captain Marvel was that and more.

So, without further ado, let’s go over what I decided to call the “5 cheeky reasons to see Captain Marvel ”

1. Because Carol is a funny, powerful and inspiring little shit.

Which is definitely one of the most awesome and delightful traits of her personality, right along with the badassery. I didn’t except the movie to actually imprint on her comic version so thoroughly; I was pleasantly surprised.
Source and Credit:

In the comics, Carol is sassy without being obnoxious, powerful without being overbearing, reliable but never unfair. she has her moments of vulnerability, her quest to find herself, her place in the world and her purpose. She gets along so well with many of the other superheroes you can’t help but like her.
Source: theavengers via

In the movie, I definitely enjoyed her lightness, the way she handles herself (never to seriously!) and her sarcasm made me giggled more than once. Paired with her grunge look and half-grumpy, half-sweet ways, you got the whole package.
Source: marvel-ladies-daily via @tumblr


2. Because her relationship with Monica is everything.

It didn’t take long for the fandom to start shipping those two and I wholeheartedly agree!
Source and Credits: @aaronfreycomics & @cahnartist-world (via wookie-monster2 on tumblr)

I’m all for it, this is so friggin’ sweet whether it’s a friendship or a relationship! Monica Rambeau is such a wonderful supporting character, do you know why? Because she is so much more than just a supporting character! She’s Carol’s hero.

She is the epitome of your everyday-slash-all-the-time heroine: Ex-pilot, black single mother and strong independent woman… she is also a deep part of who Carol Danvers is, Monica is her best friend, her confident and her fly partner… reuniting with her was definitely Carol’s first true step to find herself. I loved all the scenes with her and her daughter.


3. Because Fury, know what I mean?
Source and Credits:

I can’t get enough of Nick Fury. Seriously, this movie was such a refreshing view of him! Fury is still badass (it is after his default mode) but in Captain Marvel, he is also hilarious, approachable and definitely impressed by Carol, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.


Source and Credits:


The fact that he named the most important initiative of Earth after this woman is very telling. Carol “Avenger” Danvers might have been the dreaded proof that Earth was completely vulnerable to outside threats but she also became his symbol of hope, his secret ace, his last resort to save the world.

I can’t wait for them to meet again, I hope they do.


Source and Credits:

4. Because of male tears 🙂
Source and Credits:

Need I say more? Probably. So a few days before the premiere, Brie Larson, AKA Captain Marvel, clapped back against internet trolls after they anonymously bash the movie and pilled it under fake negative reviews when they haven’t even seen it. Brie gave zero fucks about this and soldiered on her quest to have more representation in movies’ casts. She has been vocal about wanting more people of colors, women especially, on screens and was not there for to the offended huffs of bigoted and racists people.

Of course, those bigoted and racists people took this as proof that Brie “hates all white men”.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Captain Marvel is a wonderful movie for girls, boys, women, and men. It’s a message of courage and perseverance, a call for everyone to believe that they can go Higher, Further and Faster in their pursuit of happiness and the accomplishment of their dreams.

So, if this movie is hurting the delicate psyche of men who can’t stand to see powerful women – colored or not, succeed.. well, let’s drink their tears, shall we?
Source and Credits:


5. Because all women are queens, no matter the haters nonsense!

For heaven’s sake! If you are a true fan of super-heroes movies or a true fan of comics or a true supporter of women empowerment, you will not deliberately pit Captain Marvel against Wonder Woman! Both are so wonderful and powerful!

That fandom war bullshit is not helping any side, trust me, if we want to keep seeing this type of movies on screens or if we want to keep reading great comics like the geeks we are, we must support every creator that provide content to this universe, DC or Marvel.


Source and Credits: msmarvel via @tumblr

I’m a “woman-ex-machina” kind of gal, I encourage and celebrate works that beautifully, artistically and trustfully describes the emotional, physical and mental struggles women have to face everyday.

The more diverse the women are, the happier I am, I’m a feminist in that sense, I want for every type of women to be represented on screen, I want to hear their stories and I wish for all women to feel included.

In the last few years and through all Marvel’s movies, I think all the female heroes and antagonists were worth admiring. I think Captain Marvel unpretentiously follow on this path of greatness.


Source and Credits:

+ one! 6. Because we’re in the endgame now.

And I believe Captain Marvel will play a big role in victory against Thanos. She was traveling through the galaxy and was literally helping as many worlds as she could when she was called home.

I consider her to be the true beginning of the Avengers and it’s fitting to see her helping save the world she was born in.  Don’t get me wrong, after everything they went through and everything they lost, I want to see Tony, Steve, Thor and the others get their revenge, but I’m all for Carol putting those boys to shame!


Source and Credits: msmarvel via @tumblr


That’s it! That’s all my reasons!

Let me know what you thought of the movie if you have already watched it! 🙂

And have a grandiose epilogue with Endgame.

I will see y’all in the next Geek Talk,

Stay Excellent,



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