Tolerance Comes With The Territory – Daily Shatzi: Wednesday Theme

Hello y’all and Happy Wednesday 🙂

Today, I wish to give you drop of how amazing I think difference is. There is so many colors in people, in our spirits and in our souls. We are a rainbow. We come from all around the world, we love the same way, we all dream at night, we all feel pain, we all love to laugh.

We are so incredibly beautiful in our differences, the way we speak, the way we raise ourselves , the way we eat and the way we hope. We can be gay or straight, introvert or outgoing, politician or baker, black or white, man or woman, successful or still finding ourselves… we are all human. And humanity means differences.

Difference should never be twisted into discordance. Hear me when I say that difference should always, always be paired with tolerance.

We all strive to be better, to feel true love, fall into it and never get back up. We all want a family, real friendship and we all want to be warm.

Remember that when you meet someone new, someone who has a lifestyle you might not understand or agree with, but someone who is, despite all of this, your mirror to the core.

Be kind. Be human.

Quote of the day
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Picture of the day

Song of the day

Come with me.
Not above me or below.
Come with me
And i’ll sail the stormy seas
Of our prior enemies,
Til’ we feel those blues and greens.

And their all is for the painting.
And it’ll be ours as we’re waking.
Come with me… And then, we’ll fall through all our dreams again… again.
We will feel the pulls and tugs and then, again.
They’ll reflect and twist and break and bend, again.
We’ll begin where we began again.



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