Spoil Yourself, It’s Thursday – Daily Shatzi

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday 🙂

Yes! You made it there! See? it wasn’t so hard, was it? Do you realize that tomorrow is Friday? and then, BAM! Weekend! We are almost there, we are winning.

I always thought that Thursday is the worst day in the week. When I was little and still laboring at school, those days always felt like an extra punishment coming from whatever God my brothers managed to piss off. Nothing much changed now that I’m an adult.

Why on earth is there a Thursday to begin with? Why must we suffer five days of work and two pitiful days of rest? I’m telling you, the world would run much smoother if we only had to get up early four days a week.

Since today is definitely the toughest day of them all, I like to sweeten it as much as possible with a lot of positivism, candies, and reminding myself of how awesome I am. That’s right. I said it. In short, Thursday is becoming a I-can-do-it day, a take-it-easy-and-eat-chocolate day, a I’m-so-worth-it day!

Thursday is a Me-Day. Let’s share it out!

Quote of the day

Credits: journalistgeocultures.tumblr.com


Picture of the day

Credits: ohelle.tumblr.com

Song of day

Dance yourself silly. Life is beautiful, and so are you.

  • Featured Header Image: Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural –  Season 7, episode 20 – Actress: Felicia Day



    1. Oh, we can totally do both! 😅 my favorite ice cream, apart from chocolate, is mint with chocolate chips…. Darn, now I’m hungry! It’s 4:AM in Paris, I’m going to buy a croissant in your name! I hope you truly enjoyed your Thursday! Cheers 😘


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