Be Hungry, Be Ambitious – Daily Shatzi: Monday Theme

Hello everyone and Happy Monday 🙂

The dreaded beginning of the week is upon us again. I do hope you all managed to milk your weekend for all it worth because this week will be the pinnacle of your success and creativity.

Yes, big words. But seriously, why wandering aimlessly through the week and curse whatever fool forced you to get up this morning? Why not turn this awful Monday into the day you will start something you wanted to do for a very long time but never had the chance/time/motivation to?

Let’s kill procrastination today. Start small. It can be reading the book you are using to straightened the fourth wooden leg of your broken coffee table, or it can be cleaning the very dirty and freaky thing you always avoid looking in your apartment … or it can be starting a blog, completing your curriculum, taking a new college class or finally asking out Mister perfectly-round-butt from accounting…

Today, do something you always wanted to do. I promise you, good things don’t always just happened to everyone else.

Quote of the day

Picture of the day

Song of the day

Instrumental “You’re So Cool” from True Romance by Hans Zimmer.


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