Guess What? They Are Wrong About You – Daily Shatzi: Thursday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday 🙂

Being driven, ambitious and relentless has always being a part of who I am. The way my parents raised me is a great part of why, and for years I built myself up with the help of rules, mottoes and principles that would push me to always try my best.

Today I can honestly tell you that those little rules and quirks I’ve been following as a sanctified way of living, definitely had a positive impact on me. They have been more helpful than not… well, most of the time.

But there was one time, when I was in high school and determined to graduate with the best marks possible, when I’ve read an essay written by the famous french philosopher Albert Camus. It was named “The Myth of Sisyphus” and one citation inside just stop me cold, left me out of sort and hammered into my brain and into my heart, hitting all the fears and insecurities that I had at the time:

The end of the mind is failure

I remembered thinking “of course”, this one sentence made so much sense to me back then and it deeply felt like one fundamental hidden truth that I knew would help me become everything I wanted to be. I took on this phrase as if it was an absolute truth and absorbed it deep into my skin, I carved it in my soul and work hard, so very hard to never fail at anything, because I did not want to end.

Needless to say that trying to live up to that quote and constantly whipping myself to reach perfection led to one of the worst period of my life.

I had a white board pinned to the wall of my bedroom when I was in college. I kept writing little mementos and things I had to do on it. On the center of it though, this quote was pinned, displayed in a hard and unforgiving way, telling a false and destructive lie and it took me four years to unpin that dreadful piece of paper from my board and replace it with something else.

Four years. It’s a long time to feel that pressure, but you know what I’ve learn during that time? I’ve learn that mistakes and failures don’t end you, they cannot end you. Never. Not only is failure not the end of your mind, but it is also not the end of the world. It’s your will, you heart that keeps you going. So you fail once, twice or several times? Big deal! If you really want something, keep going for it. Practice does makes perfect. That is not a myth.

Failure doesn’t make you a bad person or a looser. It doesn’t mean you should stop trying, it doesn’t mean you are stupid, or useless or worthless. Failure is our lot, us non-perfect, tentative, strong and wonderful people. Failure is normal.

So, chin up, stand up and try again.





Quote of the day

Picture of the day
Photography “That’s it” by Lautaro Mendez – Credits:

Song of the day

Loreen “We Got The Power”

Let your soul catch the feeling
Let me know when you feel it
Beautiful and revealing
When love gets control
Let your heart take a beating
Let it pound with the rhythm
Hear the sound and be willing
To just let goI got a feeling
Tonight if we give in
Let it just take us
The music will guide us
Baby where we find it
Whenever we lost it
The power of love againWe got the power
We got the power
We got the power
We got the power
To make you love
We got the power
We got the powerYou know what you’re seeking
In your search you can reach it
Every breath that you’re breathing
Is a beautiful song
Let your heart take a beating
Push your love to the ceiling
The power of love is what you’re feeling
When nothing comes close

I got a feeling
Tonight if we give in
Let it just take us
The music will guide us
Baby where we find it
Find it where we lost it
The power of love again

We got the power
We got the power
We got the power
We got the power
To make you love
We got the power
We got the power
(to make you love, baby) [x4]



  1. I love your title; I say that all the time, basically! And I love that Ira Glass quote; I’ve totally had all those questions he’s pondered. I’ve gotta find out where I can read Ira Glass’s work; thanks for that!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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