Hello Everyone and Happy Friday 🙂

I thought we could finish our working week with a little humor today!

Do you know which trait of personality I absolutely adore? Sarcasm! Or what most of my teachers used to call “Sass” while staring down at me disapprovingly.

I’m a sucker for a good delivery line, I’m an open-minded cynical and I love to laugh, which is why sometimes Twitter can be such a great place to hang out because wherever a new and weirdly satisfying hashtag is trending, like… let’s say: #ReasonsNotToDateMe

or #MyFirstQuestionInHell,

I just let my natural snark loose on my innocent keyboard and what can I say? The sass keep on flowing.

What’s even more great is that there is TONS of people out there who visibly have an inner Daria that just beg to be let out. Isn’t that wonderful? I want to share with you what makes me laugh:

The sheer nerve of some of those sarcastic lines is enough to make me cry with laughter. Some people have no chill, and sometimes, that’s exactly the kind of thing you need! Overall, I spend a very good time reading those tweets. It does wonder for your mood, Try it!

And enjoy this Shatzi!

Quotes of the day

Source: girlyteenthings08.tumblr.com
Source: mybrandnewscar.tumblr.com


Gifs of the day ^^

Source: iglovequotes.net


Source: donnedarko.tumblr.com

Song of the day

“Johnny Depp” from Supergirl by Amy Anne.
Released: 2006. Track 4. Genre: Alternative.

Johnny Depp, you’re deep
I’d like to watch you when you sleep
And smell the shirt in which you slept

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, you’re hip
I’d like to bite your lower lip
And scrunch your Edward Scissor-hair
Johnny bear

You’ve got tattoos, one said “Winona”, I know
But you broke up with her, and now it just says

Johnny Depp, you’re cruel
You’re the harbinger of drool
Mow my lawn without a shirt
Johnny dirt

John A, John B, John C, John D, John EEEEEEE

Well, you like girls with foreign accents,
tiny waists, I’m not a waif,
but I could love you more than you would
Probably deserve…

Johnny Depp, you’re the bomb
If you’d come to meet my mom
I’d cry a single, salty tear
Johnny dear

John A, John B, John C, John D, John EEEEE



Written by fantac.cisse

I'm a blogger, a vidder, an editor and a silver tongue dipped in English and French... and dreams. I'm a woman. I'm a cultureholic, I'm weird and strangely hopeful in life. ↓ Subjects on this blog: Self-Improvement • Inspiration • Self-Empowerment • Fictional Writing • Blogger Tips • Travel Blog • Personal Growth • Literature • Geek Culture • Harry Potter Fan • All mythologies fan • Philosophy • Music • Cinema • TV Shows • Food • Deep thoughts on Life that aren't that deep •


  1. Those Twitter feeds were hysterical! I am always up for sarcasm. It is my second language and I am very fluent in it. Another fun Shatzi, Fantac. Interesting song, Johnny Depp. Have you heard the song David Duchovny? Check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

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