Wanderlust Is A Lucky Charm- Daily Shatzi: Monday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday 🙂

Today, I want to talk about wanderlust. Do you know what it is? Wanderlust is a very strong, irresistible, heart gripping and breathtaking impulse to travel anywhere and everywhere, all around the world.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have, don’t you think? The want and the will to discover new cultures, new landscapes and new people. I love everything about it and I truly wish more people would feel this urge.

I think that being willing to visiting other countries leads you to be more open-minded about other people, no matter what they look like, no matter where they come from. It’s a curiosity that can only be encouraged, because it is one of those wonderful impulse that creates tolerance, respect and empathy.

How exciting it is to wander through a strange city across the world? Just imagine it. Don’t be afraid. Imagine a public place in India, full of busy people wearing colorful clothes, imagine children laughing, the delicious smell of an exotic and spicy dish watering your mouth and random bystanders dancing to the rhythm of a music that makes you smile brightly.

Imagine meeting people who can teach you to see the world a whole different way.

Do you now wish for it?

It’s completely worth saving your money for, trust me. After all, It’s wanderlust that pushed me to travel all the way to Israel and made me stay there for a month, when I was nineteen. Its’ wanderlust that made me walked for hours through the cities of London, feeling as if I was a Hogwarts student, lost in the muggle world. It’s wanderlust that made me read all the wonderful blogs about travel experiences that I could find, and it’s wanderlust that will eventually help me achieve my dream to meet you all, wonderful and incredible people who have been commenting, and visiting this blog.

Happy day, and happy Shatzi!

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    1. Very true! You know there is a proverb that says that we need everything to make a world, the good, the bad and the ugly… I don’t know if I agree with that, but since it’s the way it is, the only thing I can do, as a writer is to share and celebrate the world’s beauty and denounce and try to change all the ugliness. Thank you for your comment!


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