Ruins Are An Excellent Place To Built A Throne – Daily Shatzi: Tuesday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday 🙂

People always advise you to learn from your mistakes. It is a sound advice, of course, but what does that mean exactly? Does it mean that you should always remember your mistakes, always wear them like battle wounds, so they can ache in warning when you’re about to try new things?

Does it mean that you are not to try again and persevere in an area you had previously failed utterly?

If you screw up badly, does it mean you cannot trust yourself ever again?

No. It does not.

You are not perfect, nobody is. You have or will take a wrong turn, at least once in your life, and perhaps look around you, only to find ruins. A failed relationship, a missed opportunity, a bankrupt, or losing your job… those things hurts badly and easily have the power to destroy your confidence and your faith in life.

It’s OK to feel this way for a moment. But only for a moment. Take the time to feel the loss, take the time to survey the ruins… and then decide which corner of your life you are going to dust off first. Start slow, spare the chipped things, the one that are just a little broken, but not all the way, not completely. Your ideas, your spirit, your heart… They are not to be discarded because you are hurt or have hurt other people. You are not less of anything, no matter what.

Never throw away something that can be fixed.

Ruins don’t stay ruined forever, there is always the possibility to build something, anything from the smallest piece left.

Remember, the tiniest thing left in Pandora’s box was hope after all.

Enjoy today’s Shatzi.

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Welcome to the Rileys – Theme Song by Marc Streitenfeld (2010)

  • Featured Image Header: Credits & Copyrights: Sasha Faber – You can visit and support the photograph on his 500px website.


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