Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday 🙂

This is our quiet and resting day, our hour of sweet peace, our golden era of goodness, our marvelous chilling time.  I love you Sunday.

Like every Sunday, I’ll be quick. I’ll just give you ten reasons to stay in bed today:

  1. Because you are not depressed.
  2. Because your bed will always love you unconditionally. It doesn’t judge your body, or your looks, it just wants you to lie down on him.
  3. Because it’s cold outside.
  4. Because it’s raining. Maybe. Probably.
  5. Because you already made a hot chocolate or a cup of tea and those things should be consumed in bed.
  6. Because you have Netflix
  7. Because you don’t need an excuse to read the Harry Potter series for the thousandth time.
  8. Or any other book, really.
  9. Because tomorrow is Monday, dammit!
  10. Because you deserve it.

Quote of the day

Source: staystrongandalwaysloveyourself.tumblr.com

Picture of the day

Credits & Copyrights: Yuliia Mazurkevych


Song of the day

“Ausência Praia” Antonio Pinto – A Deriva Movie Theme




Written by fantac.cisse

I'm a blogger, a vidder, an editor and a silver tongue dipped in English and French... and dreams. I'm a woman. I'm a cultureholic, I'm weird and strangely hopeful in life. ↓ Subjects on this blog: Self-Improvement • Inspiration • Self-Empowerment • Fictional Writing • Blogger Tips • Travel Blog • Personal Growth • Literature • Geek Culture • Harry Potter Fan • All mythologies fan • Philosophy • Music • Cinema • TV Shows • Food • Deep thoughts on Life that aren't that deep •

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