Everyday Is National Chocolate Day! – Daily Shatzi: Friday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday 🙂

I apologize in advance for those poor and unfortunate people who are allergic to cocoa… I just don’t know what to say. It’s definitely pity I feel for you though, let’s not fool ourselves.

I love chocolate. I eat it every. single. day. In cereals, in a hot cup, in a dessert, or just a little piece that I sneak into my desk drawer, while I’m slaving away at work… I love chocolate, I eat it, I worship it, nobody in this world will ever convince me that it is not good for you. Why else would you need to eat chocolate after a dementors’s attack? Because chocolate is Happiness, that’s why.  If I had a patronus, it would be giant chocolate bar.

Not that’s stupid hedgehog that showed up on my screen after I’ve finished the test on Pottermore.

Damn it.

Anyway. Here is five reasons to eat chocolate today:

  • Because it’s good for you. And yes, that’s a reason. Didn’t your mom used that phrase to force you eat the dreaded vegetables?
  • Because it is God’s gift on earth. Therefore it is God’s will that you eat it.
  • Because you need to get tanned, you are too pale. Chocolate helps with that. Or so my mom told me.
  • Because you are not fat, you are beautiful and you deserve to celebrate that beauty with chocolate.
  • Because the sentence “It’s food, not love” is for idiots. Eating your feelings might not be attractive but let me remind you: Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

There. I forced myself to stop at five because I’m perfectly capable to give you fifty hundred reasons to eat chocolate today.

Now you know what to do! Oh, and enjoy this Shatzi!

Quote of the day
Credits and Copyrights: Luca Tomiello

Picture of the day
Credits and Copyrights: Norm Hamilton

Video of the day

Chocolate Roulade from Sun Studios Productions on Vimeo.




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