Keep Your Arms Open – Daily Shatzi: Wednesday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday 🙂

I know that people can be cruel. People can hurt you, people can fail you.

But I also know that keeping everyone at arm’s length is exhausting. It will leave you cold, lonely and bitter. Closing yourself from having any kind of meaningful relationship, friendship or romance is one of the worse thing you can do to in your life. It’s nothing short of self-harming.

Being constantly alone, angry or afraid of everyone around you… what kind of a tool does that take?

Striving for self-improvement does involves other people. You may not need anyone to build yourself up and get the life you always dreamed about but what is the point if you have no one to share it with?

Of course there’s bad people out there. Of course, they are men and women who will try to use you, hurt you and then discard you, just because they can. Of course you should be smart about starting new relationships.

But please remember that there’s also good, kind and wonderful people waiting for the right person to come along. There’s people who just look for a kindred spirit, someone to laugh with, someone to sincerely befriend only for the sheer pleasure of having a good friend, someone to share the way they see the world with, someone to love.

So keep your arms open.

And enjoy this Shatzi.

Quote of the day

Picture of the day
Credits and Copyrights: Dejan Krsmanovic


Song of the day

Alana Grace “Black Roses Red”
Can I ask you a question please
Promise you won’t laugh at me
Honestly I’m standing here
Afraid I’ll be betrayed.
As twisted as it seems, I only fear love when it’s in my dreams
So let in the morning light and let the darkness fade away
Can you turn my black roses red?
Can you turn my black roses red?
Drowning in my loneliness
How long must I hold my breath
So much emptiness inside I could fill the deepest sea
I reach to the sky as the moon looks on
One last year has come and gonne
It’s time to let your love rain down on me
Can you turn my black roses red? (x3)
I’m feeling like I’ll blame it on love (x6)
Can you turn my black roses red? (x3)
Cause I’m feelin like I’ll blame in on love
I’m feeling like I’ll blame it on love




    1. That is such a nice thing to say! Thank you Susan. I hope you know that I think the exact same about you, you display interest and kindness every single time we interact, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feel lucky to have caught your interest in the huge mass of blogs! You are the best. Thanks 🙏🏾

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  1. “How… can people be so heartless?
    How… can people be so cold?”
    (Paraphrase) I think from the movie and musical, Hair. This is a great movie… An oldie, but a goodie. If you’ve never seen it, I hope you’ll get a chance to, everybody.

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