Of Course, Magic Exists! – Daily Shatzi: Monday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! 🙂

I’m so excited! Today is #Halloween! It’s also #IncreaseYourPsychicPowersDay and more importantly it’s #NationalMagicDay !

Isn’t this awesome? A day to celebrate Magic in the world!

I believe in Magic, with a capital M. I always did, even before I discovered Harry Potter. As a child, living in a seriously dull and grey town, I was something of lonely and painfully shy girl. Well, at least, during my elementary and middle school years.

I loved reading and I devoured every book I could find. The dictionary was my favorite book ever, (again, before Harry potter came into my life) and the more I’ve read, the more I developed the firm belief that magic was around us.

At first, I thought that you could find Magic in books only, that the writers have all gotten their wonderful imagination by eating ambrosia or because they had inhaled a huge cloud of fairy dust. I thought that reading a book about some fantastic, magical universe was being in the know. Like I was special, contrary to my fellow little students who spent their time watching cartoons, I have read every single story the Grimm brothers had written and I was convinced that I knew there was more to life and to earth than what I was just able to see.

I cannot explain to you how much the Harry Potter series blew up my solitary and grey world. Everything suddenly had colors and the universe J.K Rowling created was the most beautiful, fascinating and heart-gripping thing I had ever encounter. I grew up with her characters, I empathized, sympathized and identified with them from the tender age of nine to my today’s twenty-seven years. I can honestly tell you that I still feel the same awe, the same child-like wonder and joy I felt at nine. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to watch the Cursed Child theatrical play in London and I had the time of my life there, as did so many other people that day.

Because J.K Rowling had enchanted my life, it was always a little difficult for me not to believe in the existence of Magic in our world. I see the joy, the tolerance and the love that art, in all its existing forms, brings to people and I literally witnessed how a simple music, a simple song, full of hope and love, managed to bring together two opposite side of a war, Israeli and Palestinian, when I lived in Israel back in 2009.

That’s Magic. The fact that we all have something inside of us that strive under the same feeling, strive to love, to be happy and make someone else happy. Our souls are Magic, our tears are Magic and our happiness is Magic. That’s our psychic power, our superpower: we feel and we love.

After reading the first tome of Harry Potter, I could not stop myself from exploring more amazing worlds. I’ve read Narnia, Tolkien and everything related to all the mythologies in the world. I bought a dictionary about them, of course, and started to get my knowledge about Gods, Goddesses and the poor fellow humans stuck in the middle of their mess.

I have never stopped that quest for Magic and for knowledge, I don’t know how. I also don’t want to. Believing in Magic brings me such joy! I hope you believe in it too, but in any case, I wish you a spooky Halloween, a successful Increase Your Psychic Powers Day and a magical National Magic Day! 

Cheers and Happy Shatzi! (Listen to the Music of the day, you won’t regret it.)

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