Love Yourself – Nothing Short of Everything Will Do

Hello my beautiful royals 🙂

Today I want to share a short, poetic and heartfelt list of the things I do (and wish more people would do) to celebrate and love myself. To accept myself, to remember how lucky I am to be healthy and safe.

In those summer days, I suppose that when I wrote this, I had in mind the most fragile of us, the ones who feel the need to hide in shadows while the sun is blazing brightly in the blue sky.  The ones who are so insecure and ashamed of their own bodies that they are willing to wear jeans and sweaters under July’s heat.

If you are unable to remove the wool of self-hatred from your eyes and see how beautiful and remarkable you are, this little list is for you:

  • Name the lines of your hands as though they were roads
  • Stand barefoot in the fresh grass
  • Let the water run down your arms like a sheen of transparent silk whenever you’re doing the dishes
  • Know the taste of your tears as well of the taste of your sweat
  • Cry when you need to
  • Run when you need to
  • Scream when you need to
  • Laugh without reserve, without any shame, throw your head back, bare your throat and laugh to the heavens
  • Don’t be scared to have Faith, in God or in yourself.  There is nothing wrong or pathetic in wishing or praying for a greater and benevolent power to watch your back
  • Be proud of everything you are and everything you are not

And finally:

  • Take the time to watch the sky, whether it is blue or cloudy or weeping and let yourself be lost in its sight. Know that like the sky, you are infinite, an endless summer, an immensity, and a world of your own.

I hope this list will help someone or make them smile because as long as you can feel, you are beautiful.

Here is a empowering video for all women by Jon Jorgenson to help you apprehend the the week to come,  There is a version for men here.



I know it’s been a while, but I will see y’all soon,



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