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I’ve been watching the NCIS TV show since I was a little kid. My parents loved it and I had an on and off relationship with it. I thought the show was kind of awesome when I was in high-school because of all the action, the naval pride and criminal investigation plot…

This show has been on air for so long that season fifteen is actually airing this year and while the first seasons of the show were absolutely epic, I must admit that clocked out during season 12.

What sucks about this is that I didn’t lose interest because of the plot or the acting. Nope! What really put me off was some of the main characters.

To be honest, it was a long time coming. While I loved the character Ziva David, I did find it more and more difficult to empathize or relate to her. The writers made her vindictive and cold. Her ridiculous and exhausting relationship with Dinozzo was also very annoying to me. Worse, the writers were defining her only through it. As if she had no other identity or reason to exist than being Dinozzo’s love interest….

So when Cote De Pablo, the actress playing Ziva left the show, I wasn’t very surprised and I have to say, I think she made the right call.

Next, I really disliked Tony DiNozzo and Abby Scuito. Since they are both main characters on the show, it really was a pain to watch NCIS sometimes.

I just don’t like characters (or people) who hold very little respect for the other people around them. I strongly dislike self-centered men and women and I loathe any behavior that is remotely close to bullying.

I also cannot stand to see someone being indulged or favored despite a childish and petulant attitude. If you watch NCIS, I’m sure you get why DiNozzo and Sciuto were unbearable for me to watch.

However, I think that there are still two reasons to watch the show:

  • Timothy McGee
  • The Gibbs/McGee relationship
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The character of Timothy McGee is such a delight. In season one, he was a slightly overweight, shy, geeky and green agent with a great mind and a greater heart.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the main character of the show and the team leader saw something in him and decided to hire him in the major crisis response team at the Naval Investigation Crime Scene Office.

Through the fifteen season of the show, I really think the evolution of Timothy McGee has been the most incredible, rewarding and interesting to watch.

For at least 10 seasons, he was devalued, mocked and overlooked by the other characters and let’s be honest, sometimes by the writers. He was the poster boy for all underdogs.

Some scenes between him and DiNozzo or Sciuto felt like Tim was bullied and harass by them. If the writers tried to be funny, they really missed the mark.

McGee also never had a close relationship with Gibbs and very few emotional and meaningful scenes with him while all the other characters did.

To sum-up, a lot of people felt like McGee was the punching bag and butt of every joke in the show and it was enough for them to stop watching it permanently.

However now that Micheal Weatherly, the actor playing DiNozzo left the show (soon to be follow by the actress playing Sciuto) the door is wide open for the writers to actually develop and broadcast McGee and Gibbs relationship, which now oscillate between father/son and friends.


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So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why McGee is definitely the best NCIS character (and we finally get to see it):


  • He is the very definition of character growth. He went to being the youngest, clumsiest and greenest agent of Team Gibbs to a married man, father of twins and the most reliable senior agent that Leroy Jethro Gibbs ever had.
  • He never gave in to his darkness like some of his other teammates did (Ziva) and he never let the hardest part of his personal life change him like DiNozzo did.
  • He is married, faithful and in a healthy relationship. He has found his soulmate.
  • When it gets hard, he let others help him. He keeps his heart open, even when it hurts.


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  • He’s a great agent and doesn’t brag about it.
  • He is gracious.
  • He always tries his best.
  • He is still kind of goofy and geeky.
  • He forgives easily, too easily sometimes. He doesn’t hold grudge even if some people definitely don’t deserve a second chance.
  • He is a good man. That’s worth to watch.
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Let me know what you think of Timothy McGee or who is your favorite character if you watch the show! I will see y’all in the next Geek Talk,

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