How to Stay Motivated: The Vision Board Effect | Artist of Life Workbook Series

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Two months ago, I wrote an article on how to be driven and I introduced the Artist of Life Workbook created by Lavendaire.

I have been using the Workbook to organize my life and it has changed everything from me.  The exercises it offers helped me structure my plans and keep track of my goals. What are the results so far? Simple: none of my dreams seems unattainable anymore and I dream big.

One of the Workbook’s self-empowering exercise is called “The Vision Board” 

Let me break down the concept:

Using whatever way suits you best, you are to create a collage of images and quotes that truly inspire you. Those images can be photos of people you admire, places around the world you wish to visit, things you wish to own, objects that are aesthetically pleasing and inspiring to you…

The quotes should be something that truly strike a core inside of you, something that you can relate to.

The objects or decors pictures could be an inspiring visual for a future home or the symbolic perception of a goal you are trying to accomplish.

Overall, your Vision Board should be the physical patchwork of your dreams and aspirations, a beautiful, self-made and self-empowering reminder of who and what you are always striving to be.

Here is my Vision Board for 2018.
Credits and Copyrights: @Fantac.Cisse

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop to create it. If you want a detailed article on how to do that, let me know.

I went to the basic sources for my pictures: I used Pinterest and Instagram to collect my favorites images.

It was such a joy to create this! When I look at it, I feel happiness and hope, as well as pride because it is literally the representation of what I aspire to be and what I already am. 

Many people have been creating Vision Board for years, it is not a novel concept but it was Lavendaire who introduced it to me. Once again, I encourage you to visit her channel and her blog. 

If as I am, you are on a journey to become your best-self, she is the lifestyle blogger and youtouber you’ve been looking for.

As an awesome extra, find her video about how to create a Vision Board below:


I’ll see you in the next post for “The Artist of Life Workbook” series.

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*** Coming next:  How to Plan the Perfect Self-Love Day + Artist Date ***




  1. Love your vision board! Photoshop was a great idea to create your vision board. I love my vision board and already reached some of my goals. I might have to use photoshop next year for my vision board!

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