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Hi ya’ll!

And welcome to the 6th edition of our Geek Talk Series!

Infinity War is in our door’s steps. Marvel’s most daring crossover is coming to the theaters this week and right now the excitement is reaching insane levels.

As a Marvel fan, I cannot begin to describe what it means to have all the superheroes (and some of the best villains) on the same screen.

I’ve been anticipating this movie for such a long time and my hopes for it are so high that I’m bound to be disappointing.

Except that Marvel only disappointed me once before with Thor: The Dark World and they more than made up for it with Ragnarok.

I’ll gush to y’all about Infinity War after seeing the movie. Right now I want to unite the fandom with some love for two majors protagonists in the movie, two characters who are currently at odds with each other and unfortunately pitch against each other more often than not by the popular masses.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America and Tony Stark aka Iron Man.
Credits and Source: Kurt Loder

Let’s be honest, whether you were betting on Steve or Tony, Civil War left most of us with a bitter taste in the mouth. It was a brilliant movie with a strong deep political and social message  but for the hardcore marvel fans, the comics readers and the Tumblr addict? It was also heartbreaking.

There was no victor at the end of it, only anger.

Tony and Steve’s image and hero’s status were wrecked at the end of it and as a fan of both of them, it was very hard not to completely ditch one in favor of the other.

Civil War divided the Avengers and successfully pushed the fans to choose a team: Cap or Tony.

3 years and 5 movies later, there is still tons of resentment on both of those teams and this post is here to remedy to that!

So without further ado, Find out the 5 reasons to love Tony Stark + 5 reasons to love Steve Rogers:

     1. They are both badasses
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Source and Credits:

It doesn’t matter how much they screwed up in Civil War. Let’s not forget that when the world called, they answered.

They are heroes but contrary to popular belief being a hero is burden whether you carry it gracefully or not.

They are human. Both Iron Man and Cap are willing to die for everybody else.

In face of danger they both stood strong and they didn’t let despair swallow them. They are both Avengers until the very end.

2. They were both wrong

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What happened with Bucky in Civil War was a great tragedy.

I can’t quite bring myself to blame Tony for his reaction, Barnes did kill his parents. It does matter that he was brainwashed when he did it and therefore cannot be held accountable for his actions since he was under Hydra’s will.

But he still did it.

Tony never got over the death of his parents, especially his mother who he loved dearly. Tony saw Barnes strangling his mom on screen. Tony suffered for PTSD. What kind of reaction did everyone expected?

Of course he was going to try and kill Barnes, of course he didn’t care.

It doesn’t excuse the fact that it was wrong of him. Tony completely allow his hatred to overpower his brilliant rationality. But I feel like a lot of this had to do with Steve’s betrayal.

I love Cap, I really do but he was unfair and dare I say cruel.  Hiding the truth from Tony about his parents’s murder?  It was a betrayal and no amount of hero-ship for Steve will blind me to that. I admire Steve’s love for Bucky and I find his wiliness to do anything, absolutely anything for him very beautiful, heartbreaking and raw.

I get it. This is the kind of devotion I wanted to Thor to have towards Loki.

I understand why so many fans supported Cap for it.

But it was selfish. Let’s not forget that Steve’s dishonesty opened the door for Zemo’s plan to work.

Love is not an excuse to hurt other people and that’s exactly what Steve did to Tony.

In Civil War, the only innocent in their conflict was Bucky.

  1. 3. They both suffered

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They both paid the highest price for their bullshit.

Despite being a legend and role-model, Cap is a soldier. The ultimate soldier, America’s perfect war symbol. But Tony is the true heart of the Avengers, he built them up and gave his all to the team. And I’m not talking about his money.

Cap was stripped of his hero’s status and rightfully so. It would be too long to explain how stupid and crazy it was of him to completely reject the Sokovia Accords, without even trying to have them amended. However it’s important to note that Captain America chose to go above the law. He did it for his best-friend, but he was still wrong.

And I’m sorry but when the entire world tells you to move, they might have a reason to do so.

So no. You don’t get to plant yourself like a tree. Jeez.

Tony lost his family. The avengers were everything to him. Even his relationship with Pepper have face many hardships because of the lengths he was willing to go to protect the world.

He was betrayed by the last person he expected it from and also the worst person considering his personal issues with the history between Steve and Howard Stark.

He was beaten up by someone he considered a friend and by his parents’s murderer. Two against one.

His best friend lost the use of his legs.

That’s enough for anyone to lose faith in the whole Avengers Business, even Iron Man.

  1. 4. They are both loved

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By many people.

Despite their faults.

And that’s because they are both worthy of love.

The most significant relationship for Steve is of course the one he share with Bucky. Sam Wilson’s almost fanatical loyalty towards Cap does not impress me and Black Widow is only loyal to herself.

I feel like the rest of Team Cap’s members only follow him out of worship and misplaced loyalty, especially Ant-Man, who left his daughter to fight for something he knew nothing about.

Bucky is the only true connection to Steve, the only character that allow us to witness Cap’s human and vulnerable side. Him and Peggy Carter were his heart and soul, so it is no surprise that Steve wanted to preserve and protect Bucky at all cost.

It’s a little different for Tony. He is not as closed off as Steve but he definitely have a huge amount of self-hatred that you can’t find in Cap. Tony has trouble letting people in which is why he doesn’t quite know how to let go when they leave.

Tony’s fragility and strength are probably the reasons why many people love him so much. Pepper, Rhodes, Happy and recently Peter Parker who was a delight in Spider-Man Homecoming and offered us a glimpse into the kind of father Tony would make.

  1. 5. They are both most likely to die in Infinity War

So let go of all of your issues and grab a tissue!

This is the end of an era, people. Chris Evans and Robert Downy Junior played those roles for so long that I cannot imagine another Captain America or another Iron Man. They gave a breathtaking life to those icons and it’s going to be devastating to watch them die on screen.

Marvel has done a lot to positively shape the younger generation as well as entertain the older one. Black Panther is proof of that. Many grew up reading the comics and watching the movies so trust me when I say that Infinity War is an event to celebrate whether you are a fan or not!

I’m sure that the two Infinity War movies will pay a wonderful tribute to the legend of Captain America and Iron Man.




Thank you for reading

See y’all in the next talk!



      1. I loved the movie, it knocked my breath out! I wanted something epic because I have been waiting for 10 years for this.. it met all my expectations. Not to say some moments did not break my heart though..


  1. Ah, that was great! They’re so much alike and I definitely think it’s going to be curtains for one of the other (or both) of them this weekend. I think it always hurt Tony to how much Howard loved Steve and in the end I think his son probably couldn’t believe Steve had much thought for Howard at all. It’s just a great relationship good and bad between these two! I hope you enjoy Infinity War 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I know I will! Even if I will end up heartbroken 😭
      I cannot agree more with your assessment about Steve and Howard, that is also the feeling i had. I am so HYPED for Civil War!!! ❤️🤓😆
      I hope you will enjoy it too!


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