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And welcome to the 7th edition of our Geek Talk Series!

I thought it would be interesting (read hilarious) to talk about the Charmed Reboot today.

Disclaimer: This is not going to be a post bashing the reboot, sorry. I’m simply going to geekily state my opinion! That’s how we do it here.

First of all, I was a hardcore fan of Charmed from season one to season three. I was already a Potterhead, so the world of magic had no secret for me. Suffice to say that when I discovered Charmed I was crazy into it, I mean, I actually invested in a book about Wicca traditions and Beltane myths… that how obsessed I was. Then again, I was nine.

When Prue died, something good about the show died with her and my devotion took a dive especially during all that nonsense with Cole and Phoebe (I never could quite stand her) and my deep disinterest for Leo and Piper’s marriage drama.

I never warmed up to the character of Paige and let’s be honest, she never did manage to fill up Prue’s shoes. It wasn’t exactly fair that we had to get accustomed to a new sister especially when Prue had been so great, iconic and larger than life, so the whole affair left a bitter taste into my mouth.

Still, I kept on watching because I’m nothing if not faithful.

Season six and Drew Fuller literally saved that show and got it renewed for a seventh season. The character of Chris Halliwell was a stroke of luck for the producers due to Holly Marie Combs’s unexpected pregnancy and Fuller did such an amazing job that season six is actually my favorite after the first one.
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But after that? I completely lost my interest in Charmed and quite frankly, the rest of the seasons were pretty bad and that includes the last episodes of the show.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I understand why the main actresses like Holly Marie Combs are pissed off about the reboot. It feels very much like Charmed was still on TV last Tuesday.

It’s too soon, and it feels very disrespectful, especially when the new writers and CW producers claimed that they wanted to add a “feminist storyline”

There was one! Admittedly, it got lost in all the lovey-dovey and unnecessary soap-opera romance crap that we had to endure with mainly Phoebe then with the rest of the sisters but the first two seasons of Charmed? It empowered women and little girls everywhere, let’s not deny that for the sake of marketing.

Holly Marie Combs, the most vocal actress against the reboot, brought some valid points to legitimate her ire: she did nine years on this show and it feels like CW is now capitalizing on her good work and trying to reap more money while leaving her in the dust. She won’t have any say in the reboot and won’t allegedly be in it.

The very base of that reboot is pretty much the same as Charmed original plotline: three sisters named Halliwell are brought together by the loss of their mother (grandmother in the O.G but you get the point) who has been killed by a demon and surprise! She was a witch and so are the sisters.

Same powers, same whitelighter crap (which means same elders crap and ain’t that a bitch?), same manor, same book of shadows…

Yeah, if I was Combs, I guess I would be ticked off too.

So, am I going to watch the reboot?
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Because while the trailer for the reboot was unappealing and while it does seems like the whole thing is going to be a deplorable flop, the three young actresses playing the new sisters Halliwell didn’t ask for all the crap they are getting due to the O.G actresses rallying the masses against the reboot and CW handling the bad press badly.

I mean ladies, seriously… you shouldn’t forget that the original show was not that good after the first three seasons…

Due to the very poor expectations placed on the reboot, the new actresses Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffrey will have to work extra hard and prove that they deserve their roles and their reboot.

Everybody expects them to fail. That’s a shame so I’m going to watch it and give it a fair shot.

I’m also really appreciative of the fact that CW is getting more diverse and open in its selection of lead actors. Three Latina women, including one afro-latina? I’m all for it.

I guess we’ll see.

I’m keeping an open mind and since practically everyone in the social media crowd is following all the haters and trolls about the reboot, I’m definitely going the other way.





Thank you for reading! Are you going to watch the reboot? Let me know in the comment!

See Y’all in the next talk!



  1. Nope not me. It’s all wrong. I love the idea of a NEW witchy series, especially with all the directions they could take the cast. Imagine one set in Louisiana?! I’d be on that like a mouse on cheese! You said Charmed was tired so why breathe life into a dead horse? I’d far rather see a new series with fresh ideas and no comparisons to drag it down. I’m disappointed that they are doing this. I think it’s dooming a new series with a sour taste from the start instead of creating something new and original. Scriptwriters and tv producers are too lazy and greedy for words.

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    1. I understand your reluctance! And damn, I love your fire! You were a true fan, weren’t you? Did you have a favorite sister, or character?

      And I completely agree with starting a new Witchy series:! that would be so cool… But I feel like we are living in a melancholy era, we want to breathe the old days but with a a modern filter or something! 😅

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      1. I was at first but it got tired and honestly, i stayed watching long after we should have broken up. I totally stopped when the twins joined as they just finished it off for me.
        Prue was my favourite but I loved Phoebes wardrobe lol. I never warmed to Paige really.

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      2. Girl, I hear you. I definitely clocked out after Drew Fuller left the series, He was a welcome snack to my thirsty teenage self! lol
        I liked Phoebe’style too, but Prue was my queen! the show never quite felt the same after she left..
        Shannen Doherty is coming to Paris for the Comic con in Autumn and since I live there I was debating going..

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  2. I appreciate your positivity, though I cannot help but vehemently disagree with you. It seems that a key part of your argument is that the original Charmed was bad after Prue died, which I completely disagree. I loved the first three seasons and though the Cole/Phoebe relationship was not great, I loved Cole. However, it wasn’t until Paige’s arrival that I realized how much I disliked Prue. How much Prue’s overbearing and “I’m just trying to protect everyone” persona crippled the show. The introduction of Paige shifted tone of the show and Piper became more of the focus, and since she was my favorite I was all for that. It seems that at its core there really are two types of Charmed fans: the Prue fans and the Paige fans, but at least both types of fans seem to agree that Drew Fuller brought the show to a new level and that the second half of season eight felt rushed to tie up storylines 🙂 I agree that the new actresses should not be blamed for the flop that was that introductory trailer, but then again, there is only so much that can be blamed on script and direction. I think their acting really was bad, amateur to a degree that was unjustly capitalized in a predictable and cringe-worthy trailer. Speaking as one Charmed-obsessed fan to another, here’s hoping this reboot doesn’t leave as sour a taste in my mouth as the Paige storyline did in yours.

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    1. I loved Cole too! At least the version of him that wasn’t trying to kill himself because Phoebe divorced him! But I didn’t like their all romance it felt puerile and useless to me.

      About Prue’s attitude, well, I agree that she could be overbearing and hard, but she was the oldest and the most affected by their mother’s death. She never truly let go of the responsibility their gran put on her to be a “role model” for her sisters and to take care of them. I suppose I empathized with that ^^

      Paige… ah, I suppose she never truly had a chance with me but it’s more about her personality than the fact that I loved Prue so much. Ironically I hated her antagonism towards Cole, even if he did deserved it!
      For some reason, even if I didn’t like the character of Paige, I also didn’t appreciate the way they made Piper treat her at the beginning and even later on, or the way the fans started to compare Prue and Paige. THAT left a bitter taste in my mouth.

      Chris and Wyatt! I loved that story-line so much, it was a wonderful season, I’m glad most of the fans think so too.

      About the reboot: lol, the acting WAS bad, wasn’t it? I did say it looks like it’s going to be flop, I didn’t like the trailer either, it was cringe-worthy and kind of… I don’t know rushed… lazy…

      BUT, I will still give it a fair shot because if I’m going to judge that reboot, I won’t do it without having experimenting the whole thing, good or bad!

      Thank you so much for reading this post and leaving such a passionate comment! I really hope the reboot is not as bad as I’m dreading it will be…


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  3. I understand everything everyone is saying about the reboot. In truth, when does any really like a reboot when they can still remember a beloved original? That said, I’m cautiously excited about this reboot (I felt the same about Star Wars: The Force Awakens) because I did love the original show. It was great having a show about magic that revolved around power and sisterhood (although the romance lines did get a little much sometimes–remember the marriage counselor episode?). It was really fresh and new.

    As for the reboot, I’m giving it a chance. I miss magic on TV, especially when women are in charge. Also, as a dark-skinned, crazy-curly haired Latina, I’m excited that someone like me will be a lead (and still Latina!) on a show. I’m really hoping that they’ll take on the Latina angle and consider some Afro-caribbean traditions instead of sticking to the Celtic mythos that everyone assumes is the only path to witchcraft.

    And I liked Prue and Paige–GASP!

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    1. Ooh, a Caribbean mythology regarding witchcraft would be awesome! To be fair, it was the triquetra symbol that sealed the fate for the Celtic angle though. I also want to be clear, at least from my standpoint and everything I’ve read, no one seems to have a problem with the Latina/African-American casting. I think this is like the Fantastic Four reboot all over again. Most of the people complained about Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, claiming he was a terrible choice and his acting was atrocious (myself included), but many people ignored our issue and instead focused on the fact that he was a different race. I don’t remember anyone complaining about that, but when you focus on the worst actor in a horrible film, and that actor just happens to be African-American, suddenly that is the focus rather than the horrible film. There are Latina and African-American women starring in hit shows, maybe not fantasy shows, but hit shows none the less. So, I do not think that is anyone’s issue with this reboot, and if it is, then I’ll be the first to argue with them.

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      1. Well-said!

        And oh, how I wish there were more show focused on mythologies and magic! It’s an endless pool of inspiration for me! I’ve been a SPN fan for 13 years now and I wish more show would have the heartbreaking crazy and bold story lines that this show had.

        Is there a show you are watching that you really like?


      2. It seems that every fantasy show I like gets canceled. Supernatural is the last one left and I struggle to stick with it due to the angel/Lucifer storyline that has gotten old. I really liked Witches of East End, but it was canceled after 2 seasons. I really like The Librarians, but I think it just got canceled after 4 seasons. I also really liked The Shannara Chronicles, but it just got canceled after 2 seasons. I cannot think of any good fantasy/female lead shows right now. There are plenty of sci-fi and superhero, and there is some historical fiction, but not much fantasy fiction I miss the 90s with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, and Xena 😦

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      3. Well now, that’s downright depressive! I don’t know half of the shows you mentioned but it’s a shame they were all cancelled! As for SPN, I understand where you are coming from! I had many moments when I wanted to give up on the show (I hate Season 9 with a fierce passion) but I’ve been watching it for more than a decade, I don’t know how to stop! ^^


      4. Witches of East End is Charmed meets Norse Mythology and was the first show in a long time that I felt was my “new Charmed”. It’s based on a book series that is not as good. The Shannara Chronicles are a futuristic fantasy society that is Lord of the Rings-like but based on Terry Brooks’s books. The Librarians is a show based on a movie trilogy that is an Indiana Jones style but more “geek”. It blends history, mythology, legend, and magic. I presumed those were the shows you meant you weren’t familiar with…I think I might cry if you don’t know Xena or Sabrina.


      5. Sadly, the last few seasons of Supernatural have blurred together that I don’t even remember what season 9 was. I do know I stopped watching when they killed Bobby, but then I started watching again, and then I lost interest after season 10, only to start watching again. It’s one of those that I keep moderately up-to-date on and watch mainly just to see what it’s up to now. I do like Jack as the young, adoptive Winchester brother; however, I dislike how Mary is back and the alternate world bringing back all these dead characters is a cope out.

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      6. Yes, I get that, the producers on the show are very fan-pandering so when a beloved character dies, there is 90% chance that they will come back one way or another. However the cast and the crew also have a family dynamic among themselves and with the fans that make it that no one really wants to leave the show.
        There is a lot of positive and negative things about Supernatural…. but for me the positive outweigh the negative, I’ll probably write a post about this soon! ^^

        I wonder, did you like Buffy? I think they plan to do a reboot soon..


      7. I do love how Supernatural are like a family.

        I liked Buffy, but it was a love/hate relationship. I watched the whole series but I didn’t love it the same way I loved Charmed

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    2. Oh, I love your response! I’m really happy to have find someone else excited by the diversity of this new cast! It’s a great thing to see and much needed. I miss good magic show too. I’m a pioneer in Supernatural fandom, I adore the show but it’s more focused on myths and dogma and angles and demons now that it is on real magic and witches.

      I was talking about the idea that nobody actually liked reboot with another reviewer on G+ and I realized that it’s not necessary true! yes, sometimes reboot really sucks but other time they are a great success! Let’s just give this a chance.

      Can you recommend a good show on sisterhood and girl power? It’s been a while since I’ve watch one!
      Thank you for your wonderful feedback on this post, you rock! ❤️😊

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  4. I was a fan of the original Charmed and agree with you about the show’s decline when Shannen Doherty left. I have no plans to watch the “reboot,” especially after the plot summary of the 1st episode I read on i09. No thanks!
    That the new writers/showrunners are saying, “they wanted to add a ‘feminist storyline'” is flat out insulting to the original show, its crew/writers/actors, and fans. When Charmed first came out there was even fewer all female main cast shows than there are now. The original sisters were brave, kind, and strong. How were they not feminist.
    I don’t need characters to look like me to enjoy a TV show. A good show is a good show. There is, however, like next to zero representation of First Nation women or trans women or men on TV. If they wanted to be really diverse they could have chosen differently.

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    1. That is so true. TV shows nowadays are required to have more diversity in their lead actors but they evidently refuse to actually showcase real people with real story like actors from the trans community or even openly lesbian actress.. Changes are slow to come but it is my hope that they are coming still.

      Oooh, another fan of Shannen! I’m so happy! My mom told me the other day that if I meet Shannen Doherty at Paris Comic Con I better “not let her be rude to me” lol! She still has the stigma of “Hollywood terrible child” that tabloid painted on her, I guess!

      And, preach girl, of course Charmed was a feminist show! I cannot believe that anyone would think otherwise! I was so offended when that stupid remark came out!
      I rewatched season one to three not too long ago and it was so great!
      Thank you for your comment Stacy!

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      1. Haha! Yep, if I go I certainly will! I am already doing the Super Harry Potter Marathon Movie in October (all movies broadcasted on the biggest screen in the most famous cinema in Paris, the grand Rex) I cannot wait! I hope to save some energy (and money) for Comic con! 😂😊💋

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    1. Aww, that’s wonderful! I love the positivism of your comment! Who is your favorite character in Charmed? Do you have one?
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I’m kind of excited to see the reboot! You never know, it might surprise us! ^^


  5. WHAT?!? I must live under a rock because this is the first I’ve heard about a reboot. Woohooo! Though I completely agree with you that it’s too soon and the last couple of seasons were zzzz, I still loved the show and will watch the new one. Thanks for the heads up!

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  6. Great article! While I’m not into the whole ”Charmed” saga, your article’s sparked my interested, perhaps I’m going to see what ”Charmed” is about?


    1. Hi! I just saw your messages! To reply to your Quebec question: I don’t know many Quebecois, so I can’t judge, but I can tell you that I don’t like the accent at all! ^^

      Otherwise, I’m sure they are lovely people!


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