March Favorites | “Start The Month With” Series

Hello and Welcome to JGC blog!

To those who are not familiar with this series, the theme is to share the very best of all the things I find amusing, weird, helpful and beautiful in life.

Full disclaimer:  I may not do this every month, the number of my favorites may vary each month and it won’t always be the same items. For example instead of featuring a podcast, I might feature an audio-book I gleefully enjoyed or instead of featuring a TV show, I might feature a theater play. I can talk about food as well as self care products. It’s a melting pot of varieties but it’s always going to be honest.

March is here and we are back at the starting line of the perpetual marathon called life.

I can’t say I am particularly fond of this month. I don’t like the cold rain, the dreaded days of snow in Paris and the perpetually grey sky. However, March also brings out a lot of refreshing feelings: energy, motivation and hope to do better and be better during this new year. Hope springs eternal and March birth Spring.

I still think March is a month that requires a lot of soothing and pampering for one self.

So, amid those delightful feelings, here are the few items I want to share:

  • Clothes of the Month

Affordable Sweaters!

I don’t care if winter is almost over, you still need those sweaters for comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

If you haven’t stocked up your closet yet or heavens forbid, if you were planning on getting rid of those sweaters, it is my humble opinion you shouldn’t.

Sweaters of all kind, over-sized, chunky, wool, cashmere… Just bundle up, winter is not over and it’s one last chance to rock those layers 🙂

  • Food of the Month

Hot Chocolate!
Source and Credits:

My go-to comfort food during Autumn and Winter will forever be hot chocolate! If you follow my blog, you know I’m a huge chocolate fan; I need it like air and I have no shame to promote that need.

I tried a lot of different hot chocolate brands and I became deeply enamored with the Van Houten one. Those individual bags got me through some dark moods! ^^
  • Music of the Month

Source and copyrights:

Tamino Moharam Fouad is a young Belgian singer with Egyptian roots and a voice that will elevate your soul straight to the skies. I discovered his album “Amir” thanks to a coworker and I binged it non-stop all through the beginning of the year.

The suave, melancholic and incredible range of that man’s voice is what makes him a truly talented vocalist. Thanks to his Egyptian background, all of his songs possess that oriental golden brush I adore.

It is such a bliss to listen to his album.

Here is one my favorite song of his:

  • App of the Month


Source: Trello

I talked about Trello briefly in my blog update article ” Accommodating your writer block
Credits and Copyrights:

Trello will definitely help anyone who don’t know how to organize their work or even their life. It’s a great tool to boost productivity and encourage creativity.

The app gives a clear and interactive way to plan, organize and categorize everyday tasks and projects, whether they are big or small.

The Trello design is really cool. It’s not intimidating at all:  you can create boards with your chosen theme and within those boards, you can add theme cards and lists as well as any multimedia elements you want to see there.

I recommend this to any writer or blogger!

Source and credits:


There! This is my “Starting the Month With” March favorites! I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope to see y’all for the next post on this series! Stay safe and stay golden.



  1. I like your March favorites! March is my birthday month, but I don’t find a lot to like about it with snow still falling in New England. Sweaters are nice, though, as well as hot chocolate with the promise of spring in the horizon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, Happy birthday in advance! May your joy remain, always! ^^ Thank you so much for commenting, my favorite month is May and March used to be such a hard month to like for me, I’m happy to have find positive things about it and love to share ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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