Color Me Surprised – Daily Shatzi: Saturday Theme

Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday! 🙂

Guess what, the muse came back knocking on my door this morning and I decided to write and share with you the beginning of  little creative slash inspirational slash melancholic piece about a girl and her colors.

Sometimes, it feels great to just… lay your thoughts and feelings on paper, no matter how strange or jumbled they are. I know it’s a little abstract but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway ^^

She was born at the end of July, when the sun was high and burning the clouds, and yellow was last thing her mother saw, as she took her leave of this world and its people.

She was born in the middle of a corn field belonging to Mister Evans and orange was the color of the blanket that was used to bundled up her new and aching body, orange was unwanted and ugly on her but it did gave her the bold statement of being noticeable, unavoidable and real to the dazzled people, grim and grey witnesses of her birth and the death of her mother.

She wore the orange and was born in the middle of Mister Evans’s field.

They call her Evana.

Evana blue, Evana black, Evana green.

Years and years of travelling through infancy to adulthood and Evana forged herself inside a tricolor world. She was sad all the time, Mommy’s dead and Daddy’s gone, and it was safer to be blue for a very long time. As she grew up and her body betrayed her by changing and developing when she was not ready to, she took on wearing black. Black, black black.

She did not want to be here, to be seen, to be noticed. She did not want the curves, she did not want the looks.  So, she draped herself in shadows and she watched others wear red. She ached.

That’s just the beginning… What do you think? Do you ever write like that in the spur of the moment and the influence of Lady Muse? If you do, I would love to read your creations!

Happy Shatzi!


Word of the day

Picture of the day

“Life Is Anything But Fair” Credits and Copyrights: Michael Färber

Song of the day

Daughter “Tomorrow”

By tomorrow we’ll be swimming with the fishes
Leave our troubles in the sand.
And when the sun comes up,
We’ll be nothing but dust,
Just the outlines of our handsBy tomorrow we’ll be lost amongst the leaves,
In a wind that chills the skeletons of trees,
And when the moon, it shines, I will leave two lines.
Find my love, then find me.Don’t bring tomorrow
’cause I already know
I’ll lose you
Don’t bring tomorrow
’cause I already know
I’ll lose you
I’ll lose youBy tomorrow I’ll be left in the darkness,
Amongst your cold sheets.
And your shoes will be gone,
And your body warmth no longer beside me.But don’t bring tomorrow
’cause I already know
I’ll lose you
Don’t bring tomorrow
’cause I already know
I’ll lose
I’ll lose




  1. Fantac- Your use of color to parlay emotion is inventive. It is descriptive but yet has dialogue. Through the use of it, I get a sense of who Evana is & more importantly what it feels like to be her. Follow your muse, the Shatzis were just the beginning of your story, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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