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Here is my quick and organized review of what I think is the BEST Thor movies of all times and definitely one of Marvel’s greatest gems!

Source and Credits: @gvnegirl on Twitter

Thor Ragnarok is definitely the movie that redeemed Thor, not only as a hero but as a lovable dork slash reliable all-around good guy too. Stripped of his hammer, his armor and his hair, he is literally brought down to the lowest level, a slave gladiator who has no choice but to fight for his life (against the Hulk no less!) on a planet literally made for the rejects of the universe.

Thor is awkward, funny, determined and that awful holier-than-thou attitude that characterized him in the previous movies is completely gone. It’s awesome.

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He is still overconfident but without the arrogance. He is simple but not stupid. He is grieving but he’s not unfair. Seriously, this is a huge change when you compare him to what he was in The Dark World.

To sum up, this is a win. The movie made me adore him and rooting for him. I cannot wait to see him in Avengers: Infinity War.

Source and Credits: @gvnegirl on twitter

Ah, Loki…It’s very difficult to hate this character despite the fact that he is technically a villain. The first movie completely missed the mark when they tried to lay out the foundation for his villainy, all it did was creating a huge fan-base for him and Loki became absolutely  beloved by the masses.

Not even the first Avengers movie managed to break that, which is very interesting.
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At the end of The Dark World, we witness our favorite trickster usurping the identity of his adoptive Father, Odin, King of Asgard.

It’s becoming very clear at the beginning of Ragnarok that Loki had tons of fun with that, glorifying himself and patting himself on the back while Thor was away on earth.

To me, Loki is like that bullied teenager girl who secretly dreams to be the ultimate Alpha of her high-school and take it too far when the opportunity presents itself.

It’s hilarious and little sad, but mostly hilarious. His ego and his pain is what characterizes many things about him and I think that… it’s what will eventually kill him.

His fans will be absolutely thrilled with the movie though because he is utterly brilliant in it. Good-ish, (at least for now) and it’s very clear that he still loves Thor more than he hates him. Their interactions are going to make all Thorki fans squeal.

Source and Credits: @gvnegirl on twitter

Hulk! Oh, Hulk was such a delight! The green giant monster-child, clearly unwilling to get back to earth, a planet that is not fond of him and thriving under the harshness of Sakaar… Hulk was awesome in this movie! And the comic fans of Planet Hulk will love this!

We are eons away from the “Hulk-smash-grunt-smash” we’ve been dealing with before, this Hulk is a little more articulate, definitely more aware, childish, petty and puerile to the most hilarious point.

His relationship with Thor and Valkyrie had me snickering at the screen, it’s so good. He’s definitely a great part of this movie.

Source and Credits: @gvnegirl on Twitter

Hela is an awesome, sexy and super-badass villain. My Gosh, Cate Blanchett killed it! She did such a wonderful job with this character! It was everything I wanted, everything I had hoped Hela would be. The costume, the accent, the sarcasm, the strut, the way she fight… She actually reminds me of Loki a lot, a more deadly, evil, hot, female version of him anyway.

You need to watch her on screen to understand the awesomeness.

Hela’s backstory is also very well-thought-out and as a mythology geek, fascinating to unraveled. In this movie, she is the daughter of Odin, his first born, his executioner and she is the one who did help him ravage, pillage and murder his way through the nine realms.

Asgard is nothing but the existing proof of that mass-murdering fool and it rightfully belongs to Hela.

She is the villain that was always missing in Thor movies. Loki, while awesome, was never a true villain, and Malekith in The Dark World was just a joke.

Hela is that bitch y’all.

Source and Credits: @gvnegirl on Twitter

I left the theater with a huge girl-crush on Valkyrie and Tessa Thompson. Like…Whoa.

I’m a huge fan of badass female character, and well… despite being drunk for one-quarter of the movie, Valkyrie definitely fit that bill. She beautiful, a little broken but certainly not beaten and She. Kicks. Asses. Thor’s, Loki’s, Hela’s zombies… She is wonderful!

She’s also not a fan of Asgard’s throne which makes me a fan of her. She is a bisexual character, who doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of her, and when push comes to shove, she did the right thing and helped Thor fight Hela.

Tessa Thompson gave her own spin to that character and I could not be more thankful that she was cast for it. Take that haters.


Hmm. I was never a fan of Odin Borson AKA Odin All-father (talk about the irony of this title). I hugely disliked him in the two previous Thor movies and I was appalled to see that his parenting skills and hypocrisy seemed to always reach new lows.

I did not appreciate the movie’s attempt to somewhat redeem Odin of all the wrongs he’s done in his life, especially the ones he inflicted on his children.

Him being a ghostly-wise spiritual guide from the beyond to Thor is a bitter pill to swallow.

Odin’s death did not affect me at all, I actually thought that it was a long time coming and dear lord, why does he get to spend eternity in Valhalla with Frigga when he spent most of his adult life subjugating the nine realms under his tyrannic rule? Did he not banish Thor and you know, condemn Loki to an eternity in prison for that exact same reason?

Ugh, I cannot stand the hypocrisy.

One thing is certain: Thor will be a much better king than him and so could his brother.


Talk about the perfect poster-boy for the redeemed coward! I enjoyed Skurge character a lot!

During the movie, Skurge is vacillating between doing the right thing and proving himself in all the wrong ways and the thing is, he knows it.

You can tell that his heart is not enamored with Hela’s destructive and psychotic ways but Skurge is desperately trying to prove himself as a soldier. Thor did not even remembered him despite the fact that they fought together in Vanaheim.

So Skurge is reluctantly is siding with Hela (Good survival instinct) until he cannot  do it anymore.

He is a funny, reliable and mercenary character, what’s not to love?

The Grand Master

Ooooh, Jeff Goldblum as the collector AKA the Grand Master of Sakaar is delightful! It’s pure gold, I swear! The mannerisms, the quirks, the flirting… Everything is so funny and crazy and hilarious that you cannot help but regret the fact that Jeff was not in the previous Thor movies.

Or any Marvel movies to be honest. Maybe we will see him again in Guardians vol.3 ?

I sure hope so!

Special mentions for:

Doctor Strange: I cannot wait to see if Loki can actually kick his ass. If not it’s OK. I do enjoy him on screen, I like the goatee. Very Tony Stark.

The Warrior Three:  I will only say this: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Heimdall:  His good behavior with the civilians does not erase the fact that he once tried to kill a prince of Asgard in cold-blood.

Korg: Taika Waititi is too precious for this world.

Surtur: Watching Asgard go down like that? Orgasmic.


Thor Ragnarok is in Theater right now:  here are the showtimes.
Credits and Source: Marvel Studios


Let me know what you thought of the movie if you have seen it! I will see y’all in the next Geek Talk,

Stay Excellent,



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