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Hi ya’ll!

And welcome to the 8th edition of our Geek Talk Series!

You might recall my previous article about Avenger Infinity War titled “25 Weird but Spontaneous Thoughts About the “Avengers: Infinity War” Trailer”

I posted it back in January,  when life still made sense and Marvel had yet to completely destroy all that is beautiful and pure in this world…

And when half the universe was still around..

Moving on.

I saw the movie and like most fans I was horrified by the death of my favorites heroes and rather thrilled with the darkness of the film. I mean, finally! A movie when the villain wins… It refreshing, that’s what it is.

Not that I was rooting for Thanos or anything but I must admit that the self-righteous attitude of some heroes was starting to get old and quite frankly, after Civil War, I truly wanted to see some of the so-called good guys get their asses kicked.

And, oh boy, did I get my wish.

Now, my saltiness does not mean I condone Thanos’s mass-murdering scheme. On the contrary, I think he’s the ultimate bad-ass character, in the worst way possible which is why watching him lay down the law was so delightful and shocking.

I have waited for this movie for so long and the result was beyond my expectations.

The movie left me with a stomach ache, a broken heart and an scrambled brain and that is exactly what I wanted. 

Through the years, Marvel managed to kick up the notch step by step as we follow-up the story line and if Civil War (as frustrating as it was) wasn’t a clear sign that the franchise was heading towards a darker path, Infinity War definitely left no ambiguity about it.

I loved that.

Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther were such triumphs and carried themselves like kings in the box office but let’s not forget that they are part of the final puzzle, the ultimate big picture:

The end of the Avengers.

I was so thrilled to see all my favorite heroes on the same screen, it was epic.

It was also a roller-coaster and if I suffer, so do you!
Here is a tribute video for all the deaths Thanos caused. Grab a tissue.


You need to laugh now right? well… I did promised y’all a review of the movie, so without further ado here are my 100 Weird but Spontaneous Thoughts After Watching “Avengers: Infinity War”

*** Warnings: There is a severe abuse of uppercase, curse words and exclamation points. ***

  1. OMG, the Asgardians are dead, all of them? OMG, I think all of them are dead!
  2. I should feel more sorry for Heimdall, but he had it coming. I ain’t forgiving him for trying to kill Loki.
  3. Loki! my baby!
  4. Loki loves Thor. He always did.
  5. No, No, NO!!! LOKI! Thanos, you giant purple freak! How could you!
  6. I’m going to hate this movie.
  7. Hulk turned into a wuss. Such a bad timing.
  8. Doctor Strange’s goatee is hot. Tony still is the king of all goatee heroes though.
  9. I can’t believe Tony wants to be a dad. Let’s all thanks Peter for that.
  10. I love Pepper.
  11. Stark is not going to call Rogers. He is just not.
  12. I was right.
  13. LOL, Voldemort? Really?
  14. Peter! Oh, sweetie, you should have stayed on the bus.
  15. I love Strange’s cape. I wish it was mine.
  16. Damn it! Nobody care about Wanda and Vision! This is boring!
  17. I’m glad Clint is not here. He’s useless too.
  18. Hi Cap.
  19. It is strangely painful to see you Cap.
  20. Damn, I love you and I also hate you. I wish you would apologize to Tony. I wish Tony would apologize to Bucky.
  21. Black Widow and Falcon… cue the two favorites side-kicks.
  22. Steve looks so hot with a beard. He should keep it.
  23. Natasha is hardly someone to lecture someone else on safety and shit… I mean, her romance with the Hulk was so cringy…
  24. Rhodey forgave them too easily. And fuck that, what do you mean, you paid for signing the accords? Fuck this shit.
  25. Wow Steve. That’s… OK, well, I love you but the contrary applies too. You are also way past forgiveness and you never asked for permission…
  26. So many conflicted feelings for Captain America right now.. Still..
  27. “Earth just lost its best defender” You got that right.
  28. Vision should really just sacrifices himself.
  29. Shut up Wanda.
  30. “We don’t trade lives” Neither did Tony. Except his own. And you did not seem to care then.
  31. OMG, Tony is such a DAD with Peter! This is killing me with the CUTE!
  32. The Guardians of the Galaxy are forever my mood.
  33. “This is not a dude. You’re a dude. This is man” LOL, Drax…
  34. Peter Quill is such a lovable idiot. I can’t…
  35. Sweet rabbit!!! I’m dying!
  36. Gamora. You are breaking my heart. But I get it.
  37. Little Gamora was so fierce. It’s no wonder she became the fiercest woman in the universe. She was always that way, don’t flatter yourself Thanos.
  38. Wow, Doctor Strange is stone cold. I mean, come on, you can’t let the kid die just to protect the stone right? Right! Peter is precious and we must protect him.
  39. I just can’t get over how paternal Tony is: “I don’t want to hear any other movie references out of you” “The adults are talking”
  40. Nope, Peter is not Tony’s ward. THAT IS HIS SON!!!
  41. Gamora wept for Thanos… You really can’t control your heart, I get it.. Thanos does not deserve her.
  42. You promised Quill.
  43. The scenes between Thanos and Gamora are so intense. Their relationship is horrible and beautiful at the same time. I don’t know how to feel about that.
  44. Yes, you tell him Gamora! You throw that food at his face!
  45. Nebula… Oh, poor Nebula…
  46. The Guardians (minus three) meet the Avengers (minus so many…)
  47. There is only one alternative reality where they win? … well. That’s not good odds.
  48. Thor’s grief is horrible to watch. I don’t know how he is still standing. At the same time I’m glad. This is a good lesson for him. Everything he lost, Loki, his people, his throne… all of it was what he used to take for granted. Never again I’m guessing.
  49. Don’t worry Thor. Loki is right “The sun will shine on us again”
  50. LOL, Is that you Tyrion Lannister?
  51. Thor is so bad-ass.
  52. Stormbringer… That weapon already looks better than Mjölnir ever did. Plus, it’s practically Groot-made!
  53. Vormir… that sounds like an ominous name.
  54. The Red Skull! Wow, I did not see that coming… wait… yes I did.
  55. Gamora… love can unfortunatley means a lot of things and be felt a lot differently by people; Thanos loves you, he does. He just loves you wrong.
  56. Thanos’s A+ parenting.
  57. RIP Gamora.
  59. Yaaas booooy, walk that thaaaaang…. I mean I missed you King T’Challa.
  60. Bucky….
  61. Shuri is so beautiful… She’s also the only Disney princess capable off making an orange dress looks classy.
  62. M’Baku thick! M’Baku for the win!
  63. LOL, Black Widow is so petty, “Where is your friend?”
  64. Bruce Banner is so funny and useless, this is great to watch!
  65. So many monsters… this is truly the end of Wakanda. This shit should have happened in New York.
  66. Look at Black Panther and Captain America run, T’Challa, you better outrun him though… don’t embarrass us.
  67. THIS. IS. SO. EPIC.
  68. THAT BATTLE!!!
  69. Okoye is so perfect! But I just realized.. where is Nakia?
  70. At least, we know where is Hawkeye… IN THE COMICS! Hahaha! I’m cracking myself up here!
  71. I miss Ant-man… well, the sequel is coming soon.
  72. NO! How dare you hurt Shuri!
  73. For God shake, will someone just destroy the mind stone and be done with it? Jeez…
  74. Planet Titan…they could have gone for a better name. Like… I don’t know, Maxima?
  75. Tony, Strange, Spider-man and the guardians DO kick ass well…
  76. Throwing a moon at someone is so rude.
  77. He mourns? Right.
  78. Quill, you idiot! You screwed up everything!
  79. Thor is such a diva.
  80. But a bad-ass one.
  81. Vaillant effort from Cap here, but Thanos is not like any other villain you ever encountered. Proof? He laid you down with one punch.
  82. Ah Wanda… still useless until the very end.
  83. At least you die with your love. More than what you truly deserved.
  84. Am I the only one who thought “It’s about time” when Vision died?
  85. Finally, the FINGER SNAPPING we were all waiting for. Oh. My. God.
  86. Thor… You really should have gone for the head. There is always next time.
  87. It’s kind of ironic that Bucky is the first one to go… talk about karma here… Really bitchy, ain’t it Cap?
  88. This feels like the end of an era.
  89. Fuck, my eyes are starting get watery…
  90. Wow, wow, wow! Does everybody die?
  91. What?! Not T’Challa! Take the Black Widow instead!
  92. Groot? GROOT!!!
  93. Why? WHY!!! All the guardians are DEAD, there is only Rocket left! I guess he was right, he lost more than a lot, he lost everything.
  94. Peter? Oh My God, not Peter! Oh Fuck, He’s crying and I’m crying too!  Not Peter!
  95. Everybody is crying in the theaters!
  96. Poor Tony… That’s… wow.
  97. There must be a reason for Strange to have done that… They needed to get erase so they can come baaaaaaaack…. *sobbing uncontrollably*
  98. Sorry Maria and Fury, but after watching Peter get erased, I don’t care about you two…
  99. Captain Marvel better fix it all.
  100. Thanos will return? Oh, screw you.



Let me know what you thought of the movie and which death(s) affected you the most, which scenes left you breathless, which moments pissed you off?

I will see y’all in the next Geek Talk,

Stay Excellent,




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