Stone Cold | The Chronicle of Evana Part 3

Previously:  It’s Monday and Mrs Anderson is banging on Evana’s bedroom door. Her voice is similar to a cold, reptilian hiss as she ordered the girl to get up and get going. It’s Monday. A school-day.

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Credits and Copyrights: “Beneath The Lights” by Michael Färber


December came bringing the harsh cold of winter into town and Evana fell in love for the first time.

His name was Tobias and he disliked being called Toby. She first noticed him noticing her, always following her with his blue eyes as she entered and left the classrooms, hands in his pockets, wan smile on his face.

Tobias was not the most popular boy among his peers, but he wasn’t avoided or shun out either. He just was. Existing, surviving high-school without making waves but there, real and solid enough that he could not be overlooked.

Evana liked him. He always looked her in the eyes when he talks to her, even to simply say hello.

He never sneered at her, or flinched away or talks about her mother. She was not the daughter of strife to him.

One day, one snowy day, behind the school gymnasium and in the leafless trees’ shadows, Tobias called her his very own unquiet thought, his firefly.

His voice was fond and his eyes were warm. Hands trailed down a path on her auburn hair, he murmured that he had always loved their color.

Evana fell in love with him then.

After three beautiful months, winter started to fade. Those three moths were the best of her life. 

On Equinox day, Evana learned the meaning of heartbreak.

Spring came and Tobias died.

They said it was an accident. They said it was a horrible misfortune. They whispered that he fell down the abandoned farm’s ravine on the east part of town. He fell while he was hanging out with his buddies after so many weeks of not seeing them, since he was always with her. 

They said he was distracted; he was not paying attention. He was careless. 

And of course, nobody pushed him! How could you even think that? Of course, his buddies were not bullying him because of his love for the daughter of Strife, they were worried about him. They tried to talk him out of it, out of loving her, out of making her happy.

Evana did not deserved to be happy. She wasn’t born for it.

So, they went to the abandoned farm and Tobias fell down the ravine. it was an accident, a silly thing really. Such bad luck, almost like a curse.

People started to whisper, it’s the red-hair demon, she must have been responsible for poisoning poor Tobias against everybody else. She must have been messing with his mind and with his heart, somehow convincing him to love her… He would not have died if he hadn’t been so distracted, so lost in his intoxicating obsession with her.

His friends tried to help him. They did.

She only brings pain, they murmured at the boy’s funeral, their hateful dark eyes fixed on her instead of the coffin. She kills everyone around her.

Evana waited until all the vultures and the crows left the cemetery. Dried out soul and stone cold heart, she knelt in front of Tobias’s tombstone and instead of flowers, she placed a lock of her hair on the grey stone and the color struck against it like a crimson blade tearing through the veils of death.

“My unquiet though” he would hum to her. Evana closed her eyes and wept.

To be continued in part 4…

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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