This Is What Dreams Are Made of – Daily Shatzi: Monday Theme

Hello my beautiful royals and welcome to JGC Blog!

No one has the right to compare dreams and nobody should ever compare sorrows.

I did not always have big dreams for myself but I forever hoped for kindness and happiness in my life. My dreams were blue-tinted with the shade of the summer sky but more often than not, they reflected back the color of the sea’s deepest and darkest depths.

My dreams were never the haven I craved for them to be but they did shield my mind from the stark cruelty of daylight.

Lately… my dreams started to change.

They do not feel the same, they do not carry the same weight. Their fabric has transformed, it is no longer rough and itchy on the skin of mind. They became delicate and soft like the underneath of a raven’s wing.

They are now tender and though they bruise easily, their healing is so much easier.

The blue shade receded and uncovered a rose-tinted sky, one that I never thought I had in me. It feels feminine and joyful. It feels young and alive.

In my dreams, the grass is now green and purple. The flowers have bells instead of petals and they sing the laughter of children that are yet to be born, they echoed the soothing voice of the soulmate I have yet to meet.

In my dreams, I belong to somewhere and someone is my home.


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Song of the day

“This is what dreams are made of” Ballad version: Song by Yani Gellman and Haylie Duff – Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?
I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright
When I see you smiling I go, “oh-oh-oh”
I would never want to miss this
‘Cause in my heart I know what this is

Hey now, hey now
This is what dreams are made of
Hey now, hey now
This is what dreams are made of
I’ve got somewhere I belong
I’ve got somebody to love
This is what dreams are made of



I hope you enjoyed this poetic Shatzi and I wish you the kindest and most beautiful dream tonight,



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