made by fantac.cisse
made by fantac.cisse




In philosophy, the word Culture seems to contradict the word Natural. Culture is about what’s acquired rather than innate, it’s about what men took from nature, what they modified, adapted to their needs and drilled upon the sanctified pedestal of Tradition. Culture represents what is different.

For as long as I can remember, being different has always being part of my life, days after days. My skin color was different, my religion was different, my tastes, my expectations in life, my dreams… all of it used to diverge from the norm. I carried that word upon my back, sometimes as a burden, other times as a security blanket, feeling it like a tattoo inked deep in my skin, like an honor badge or a sore scar.

With time, I learned how to embrace all the beauty of being different, I took that word and embellish its letters, and I made them the initials of my all identity. Because I was willing to accept all the meanings of this word, good or bad, I feel in love with differences in every other things.  Men, women, societies, point of views, ways of life, beliefs… the differences between the people and the countries that made our world what it is, are what we are calling culture, and culture is, in my eyes and without a doubt the most independent, accomplished, free part of humanity.

This website “jounalistgeocultures” is the tool that will allow me to explore and express myself on this aspect of humanity, and why would I, would you ask?

Simply because this natural anarchism inherent in people, this little rebellious act, this need to discern themselves, to identify themselves, to find solace of the soul by hammering their lives, their feelings, their entire existence within or through something, anything; that being music or literature or movies… this desire to mark time? It is absolutely remarkable to me.

And well worth writing for.

Have good trip and a good reading,



Written by fantac.cisse

I'm a web journalist, a blogger, a vidder, an editor and a silver tongue dipped in English and French... and dreams. I'm a woman. I'm a cultureholic, I'm weird and strangely hopeful in life. ↓ Subjects on this blog: Worldwide culture • Socials awareness • Socials awesomeness • Politics • Literature • Geek Culture • Harry Potter Fan • All mythologies fan • Philosophy • Music • Cinema • TV Shows • Food • Deep thoughts on Life that aren't that deep •


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