Lacking the Technology to Create Your Dream Blog? – 10 Things for All Bloggers to Remember

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There are so many great writers and creative minds who do not express themselves and don’t share their work with the blogosphere despite really wanting to.

As a writer, an artist or a creator, it is really frustrating to be unable to produce what you want and in the very specific format you want it, simply because you do not have the means to do it.

For example: you wish to create a podcast series but you don’t have the recording material to produce quality content or you want to draw your own illustrated comic book but you don’t have the tablet or the material to actually develop your artistic vision…

It sucks when blogging and creating content is actually more than your hobby but you don’t have the financial back-up to really follow-up with it.

However, I’m here to share some wisdom with my fellow bloggers about that conundrum:

  1. Just because you don’t have the material right now, doesn’t mean you won’t have it one day. 
  2. If it’s really important to you, save money for it. Investing in your blog is not a waste of time if it makes you happy.
  3. Free software trials are your friends and should be taken advantage off.
  4. Try every editing software fit to your design. Knowledge is power and not everything works for everyone.
  5. The most expensive toys are not always the most efficient ones. The Apple brand is not always synonym of the best, technology-wise. Yes, Final Cut Pro is only available on Apple, but it’s not for everyone, some people prefer Adobe Premiere Pro and it is available on all Microsoft devices.
  6. Not having the material to create your content should not stop you from using what you do have at your disposal. Write. Don’t hesitate. Write and post.
  7. Be flexible about which format you want to use to produce your work.
  8. Be smart about it too: your phone can do a lot of things now, it can scan, it can record, it can convert and edit… there is a lot of apps that can help with your creative vision. Don’t close yourself to it.
  9. Create and post for yourself. Who cares if your work looks or sounds a little wonky? Don’t let haters or your own insecurities stop you from being great.
  10. Always remember, your blog is your home.


I hope this helps motivate you!

Stay excellent,




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