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Hello Everyone and Welcome to JGC Blog.

Today I’m traveling to Turkey for my vacation!

But that doesn’t mean I want to take a break from blogging, it means I want to share this trip with my followers. now, let’s talk about the most effective way to do that.As an artist and blogger, it can be difficult to find the time to write, edit and post on your blog especially if your are hell-bent on keeping your quality content and your consistency at one hundred, meaning as great as possible.

Personally, as a blogger (and in life) I don’t like to do things half-ass and I loathe the idea of posting a mediocre article, something too short because I had to rush it or too poor in terms of creativity because I did not have the time to put my usual effort in my writing.

So, how can you successfully and effectively blog about your travel experience or any other subject while trying to enjoy your well-deserved vacation?

Without further ado, here are the 3 canonical rules to do so:

  • Use the most adequate materials at the most adequate time!

You cannot blog in the plane the same way you would in the airport or in your hotel room. Depending on what tech you own, you can either use your phone, your tablet oryour laptop.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing your laptop when you travel for a short period of time (a week or so) but your phone or a tablet might come in handy, especially if you prefer a more digital approach of working.

However, no blogger worth their salt would be traveling without a notebook, journal or dairy to record their trip.

Credits and copyrights: @Jess Watters

Going back to the basic and using paper and ink to lay down your thoughts feels wonderful. It’s a rewarding, stimulating way to thoughtfully record your experiences and reflect upon them. I do it all the time! All you need is to get yourself a great travel journal and you are all set. You can find where to buy great but cheap one at the end of the article.

The most important thing is to avoid losing your ideas and inspiration. You can always take the time to properly put everything together later.

  • Be smart and creative with your photography! 

If photography is more to your speed than writing, there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t need to write lengthy stories to be a good blogger or have a interesting blog, all you need to do is being honest with your creativity.

If you prefer to share your trip exclusively through amazing pictures with minimal text, then by all mean go for it. If you have the decent budget, buy yourself a nice camera: You can find the link for shopping at the end of the article.

If you don’t have the budget for a camera then make sure to use your phone and share your photos on the right platform :

instagram-logo-png-18Instagram is of course the first social media app you should use if you want to share your travel pictures the blogger way.

You should start a account based on your travel alone. Do not be shy with your hashtags and always add your location. Don’t forget to check other pictures similar to your own and “like” them. Show your appreciation to others, it’s the best way to increase your views and followers.

logo-pinterest-follow-me  Creating a Pinterest board with your pictures and some personal quotes is also a wonderful way to blog about your trip! Same rules applies here: use hashtags, put your location, check other people boards similar to your own and show them some love.

To find out how to create your own quotes, read the materials shopping list at the end of the article.

  • Dedicate 30 minutes to your blog per day!

During your vacation, at the end of each day, you need to take the time to properly work on your article.

I know, I know! Who wants to concentrate on work while they are on vacation? Blogging can be stressful, especially if you have a specific dateline for your post or if you are working with advertisers.

However if you are just a dedicated blogger who likes to share live experiences, then taking at least 30 minutes during the evening to put together your article should be no hardship.

It might even feel like an accomplishment. To perfectly relate your day into a beautiful and creative post, you need to follow those three simple rules:

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it honest

Your post does not need to go above 500 words, as long as your writing is genuine and your editing is aesthetically on point, it will be great. Use your pictures, create your own quotes and transform them into images. Be honest about your trip, write about the good and the bad.
Credit and source: @Gabe Denims

Finally, I would say that to effectively blog and travel at the same time you need to want to. You need to have fun doing it! If you are not feeling your hotel room, then go outside and find a lovely place to blog. Most places have WiFi connection now, so there is no reason to not enjoy writing in the sunlight.

Here you go!

I hope this article helped you. Be bold, be brave and stay excellent,


*Sources for material shopping*



  1. Thank you for this amazing post. I am still finding my way. This Blog gives me a better perspective on how to blog basically when busy. I know you said travel however, I feel I can still apply this amazing information to my challenging life. Thank you again! You are amazing!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow, thank you for this lovely feedback! I saw your comment on the plane and I mourned the loss of WiFi! 😂
      I wanted to reply immediately! I am so humbled and happy you liked this post and find it helpful! This made my day! Thank you again! 👊🏽😊💋


    1. Aww, thank you!
      And about the 30 minutes, if you did keep tidy notes about your ideas and inspiration for your post, you can definitely gather everything and put it together in 30 minutes! Takes practice! 😊🙏🏽💋

      Liked by 1 person

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