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Hello My Dear Royals!

First of all, as another Sunday pass us by way too quickly, I want to thank and welcome all the new followers of my blog, on all the diverse social media platforms you can keep up with JGC.COM.

It’s deeply gratifying and very humbling to read your comments and have your support, thank you all!

Now, I want to share some very important news about this blog.

I realized that while sharing my Daily Shatzies with you every day brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction, it also takes a lot of time and rarely allows me to write all the others articles I truly want to share with you.

JGC.COM is a complete reflection of who I am and what I love, and I feel like all the Daily Shatzies I’ve written are a great way to introduce myself to the writer community and tell you what my blog is all of about.

Happiness, Compassion, Tolerance, Inspiration, Creativity, Motivation, Self-improvement, Self-empowerment, Aesthetic, Music… You have and will continue to find all of those subjects in the Daily Shatzi I’ll keep on posting.

But my blog is also a geek blog and an anthem to the beloved Nerd Nation! You might have encountered one or two Shatzies about it already, but here is the thing: It was just an hint.

I want to write more about all the geeky things that I love to do and love to watch: I want to give you all of my reasons behind the binging of some TV show y’all really should really watch, some great book y’all should absolutely read or some play y’all should definitely check out.

I want to share with you a detailed psychological study of a fictional character that I love and how the way they were written affects the people who empathized with them, I want to write a crash course about all the Marvel and DC movies and I want to review some of my favorite TV Show’s episodes.

Basically I want to geek out more on my blog and I have decided to organised my time to just do that.

De facto, the Daily Shatzies won’t be “Daily” anymore, with my work and occasional real life’s obligations, I cannot produce that much content, no matter how motivated I am. Besides, I won’t ever forget as a writer and as a blogger, that your blog should be first and foremost about what makes you happy. It’s like your bedroom, it’s your happy and cozy place, and what you get is what you see.

I also plan to write about some other subjects, life-related ones like my travels experiences and views on our messy and wonderful world.

So to sum up JGC.COM coming updates:

  • The Daily Shatzies: There are not going anywhere, I will be posting them randomly during the week, at least two times a week.
  • New articles coming soon, with a different format. I’m so excited about all of this!

Once again, I want to say thank you to all my followers and those who took the time to put a like on a post or just dropped by to say Hi!

I’m looking forward to start this new journey with y’all.









  1. Congratulations on branching out, Fantac. You are correct. Daily content is hard to produce. Thay is why Woman on the Ledge is weekly so I can devote time to Off the Ledge and Life, Explained. As a card carrying OG of the Nerd Nation, I look forward to geeking out with you. Please accept this virtual champagne. 🍾 Cannot wait for this adventure!

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  2. I can relate to this! It’s like I want to write every day, but it’s not that easy! With lots of things on our hands, we can at least visit this special “room”, our blog, and write about our unspoken feelings or thoughts! Keep yourself inspired! I like your page!

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  3. Whatever makes you happy, dear little Fantac, will make us happy, as well. I’d go bonkers if I didn’t mix up my blog posts with varied and disparate items. So, your daily Shatner is seeking out strange, new civilizations and boldly exploring where no writer has gone before… 🙂

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