Veni. Vidi. Amavi. | The Chronicle of Evana Part 5

Previously:  After Tobias’s death, Evana stopped going to school.” 

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The world is so lovely…

Since she left the darkness of her birth-town, those words were constantly in Evana’s mind. Wherever she went, whatever she saw, she was in awe. She walked and walked and walked many miles until her feet hurt too much for her to continue.

She chose the cheapest places to spend the night and rarely slept more than five hours. She didn’t want to close her eyes for too long, they should never be close, she thought. It was such a shame that sleep was required, such a shame she could not forever gaze upon all the lovely, wonderful and miserable things in the world.

So, she chose to rest very little but she smiled a lot more. She traveled north and south, east and west. She went to the poorest cities and sat among the old people, listening to their wise advice, listening to their prayers and how despite their suffering they still thanked God with grace, thanked Him for what they did have because in the end, it was enough.

Then she traveled to the modern and luxurious part of those cities and observed how the rich people strive to be richer, how they aimed to be great and how they suffered to maintain their status in society. Most of all she heard how much they resented it. She heard it loud and clear.

Evana went everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She did what she wanted without feeling guilty of enjoying herself. She played with children in parks and chat with their mothers on the benches.

She conversed with different types of people: janitors, cashiers, shoppers, students and business women she met in coffee shops, malls, faculties and restaurants.

She stayed away from men.

She soaked up humanity and everything it has to offer.

She came, she saw and she loved.

Oh, how she loved….

She loved even the darkest and poorest places because the people living in it where so full of will, so full of drive that it was impossible not to admire them.

She loved the selfish ones as well as the martyrs. She loved the bitterness as well as the joy.

Finally Evana truly felt like she was part of the universe, made of stardust like everybody else, not the daughter of Strife, not Olivia’s bane but a true human, flesh, blood and magic.

Before she knew it, spring was at its end.  The girl had spent four months traveling the states and visiting cities.

She decided to stop and stay in one place for a while, hoping to maybe make a friend for the second time in her life.

On the first day of July, Evana entered the city of Anacortes and saw the sea for the first time.

To be continued in part 5…

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

Read Part four here: “After Tobias’s death, Evana stopped going to school.” 



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