10 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Honest When You Write | Blogger Tips

Hello Everyone and Welcome to JGC Blog!

Today I want to share my insight on what I believe is the best way to make it through as a writer and blogger, especially for the beginners.

My writing goes way back and I’ve taken the first step to blog four years ago.  During that time, my consistency, my motivation and my creativity changed from high to low and from frenzy to non-existent.

I’ve known moments of complete lack of inspiration and I suffered from an unmovable writer-block. I had pen-phobia, keyboard-abhorrence and paper horror.

My muse had left me and even when I managed to have some creative ideas, I could not find a way to shape my thoughts into words.

Such is the writer life. Sometimes you can and do, sometimes you can’t and don’t.

However I started to change my writing process and my blogging mindset. I realized that in many cases, most of my woes were avoidable.

From my experience, the most important factor for successful writing and therefore a regular posting is honesty.

As I explained a while ago, in a previous article, your blog is your home. You cannot possibly hope to keep a consistent posting if you are not even motivated to write.

Therefore, without further ado here are the 10 reasons why you should always be true to yourself when you write:

  1. The more honest you are in your writing, the more you will want to write.
  2. Writing about what truly interest and motivates you will produce better content because in your passion lies an authenticity that cannot be denied. 
  3. Pushing your boundaries and going out of your comfort zone will make you a much better writer. You will grow bold and dare new creative things. If you are excited to write and blog about a new subject, you are doing something right.
  4. A real passion can captivate others, do not fake interest about something for views; it will come out dull and will not make your audience grow.
  5. Getting feedback about an article you wrote with real honesty is incredibly rewarding. It is well-worth the vulnerability you feel for sharing your true-self with the world.
  6. If you are into fictional writing, don’t hesitate to break barrier and go out of your comfort zone, be honest about how want your characters to be and where you wish to take your storyline.
  7. Your writing needs to make you happy first.
  8. If you are a visual person like I am, don’t hesitate to use every art and music you at your disposal. Do not worry about what other people will think, go with your guts and listen to yourself:  if you like it so much, chances are others will too.
  9. Your blog should be a true representation of who you are, starting with your home page. Get the color and design that you want, not what will appeal best to the readers. If you are not happy with your blog design, you will not want to come back to the page.
  10. Your blog is your home, it means that you do not have to stick to just one single subject. Nobody is just one thing, in fact, most of us are a little bit of everything.  So stay true to who you are and share your interests as honestly as possible, no matter how weird or geeky they are!


Here you go!

I hope this article helped you. Be bold, be brave and stay excellent,





    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, I’m very glad that you liked this post! And Yes! If you take the risk to write with honesty and an open heart, it will be rewarding, I swear! I’ll definitely check it out!

      Cheers and thanks again for commenting!

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  1. Nice post. You have covered very points. I’ve just started blogging and realize that write is lead role Player of blogging game. Thank you for sharing such good post.💐👌

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  2. I strongly support all the points and the best of all is point No. 7 , its absolutely true you have to feel comfortable and happy first with your own work before sharing.
    I always say blogging or writing is just like putting on an a tire, if your happy with the kind of dress or cloth your are dressed in before you step out of your door, then you are ready to go public with it and vise versa 😊.
    #follow 🔙 😂

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  3. Τhank you for following me and giving me the chance to find your blog! Your articles are amazing! Especially this one is a good guide for me as a new blogger and also not native english speaker! Wish you the best in your life, in your blog and in your writing works! =)
    (p.s. sorry for my english language faults, I hope that you can understand me…)

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    1. Your English is very good, I understand you perfectly! Thank YOU for this lovely comment! i’m so glad this post helped you and I welcome you to the community! I’m glad I found your blog too and I wish you the best going forward! ^^


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