September Favorites | “Start The Month With” Series

Hello and Welcome to JGC blog!

To those who are not familiar with this series, the theme is to share the very best of all the things I find amusing, weird, helpful and beautiful in life.

Full disclaimer:  I may not do this every month, the number of my favorites may vary each month and it won’t always be the same items. For example instead of featuring a book, I might feature a podcast I gleefully enjoyed or instead of featuring a movie, I might feature a TV show. I can talk about cosmetic products as well as traveling places. It’s a melting pot of varieties but it’s always going to be honest.

Welcome back September!

In the midst of those delightful feelings, here are the few items I want to share:

  • TV Show of the Month

For several weeks now, I’ve been re-watching and quite frankly binging Stargate SG-1 again! I just love science-fiction and this show has always tickled all of my geeky bones!

If you are a true fan of mythologies, Stargate is a gift from heaven. The Nordic and Egyptian myths were featured heavily in most seasons but many others, rare ones like Indian and Africans myths, are used ingenuously in some episodes. The mix of them paired up with creative and crazy alien technologies and outer-space adventures made up for a truly fascinating story-line.

I watched every episode of the show, from season one to season ten. Now, I’m not going to lie, I pretty much quit it after the main character Jack O’Neill (Richard Anderson) left the show. Season six was also challenging to watch because Daniel Jackson, my favorite character, was rarely in it.

Which brings me to another reason why I love this show: Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill. I always loved them, they are both good men, both stubborn, witty, sarcastic and good looking badasses.  Their friendship and relationship was truly what built and maintained my emotional connexion to this show. However, I hate the UST between Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O’Neill. I always thought it was spoiling the story-line more than it was enriching it.

Some characters are an absolute delight to watch like Teal’c and most of the “aliens” the team encounter in their travels through the Stargate. It’s a mixture of humour and tragedy, of humanity and weirdness, I cannot recommend it enough.

Finally the music is magical. Some characters have recurrent theme like Daniel and the music for episode “Meridian” still haunts me, it’s beautiful. Listen to it:

To sum-up, Stargate is the perfect show to start September! Fun, emphatic, intelligent and action-packed, what’s not to like?

  • Poet of the Month

Rimbaud. Ah Rimbaud.

As September starts, bringing us closer to the end of summer and to the return of long nights, I cannot help but relish in the sentiment of melancholy and dread it at the same time.

That melancholy is curled around my excitement for staring new. September, new knowledge, new ideas and new experiences.

September is an academic month, is it not? You go back to school, you go back to work and your renew your commitment to achieve your goals…

September, October, November, December… The cold and wet quarter of the year, when Autumn dies too quickly under Winter’s assault, the four months when darkness is at its peak… because we all fear Nadir.

I find that poetry soothes melancholy.  Poetry brings stark light to a world of darkness.

I cannot explain what Rimbaud means to me in terms of education and literature. He is the essence of what made me a fervent lover of all arts. I grew up reading his poems, all of them and despite my admiration for Baudelaire, Verlaine, Eluard and so many others, Rimbaud will always be the sweetest and most addictive writer of poetry I know.

I, too wants the sun. I never stop wanting it.

I leave you with a clip, especially the first ten seconds of it, when the stunning actress Marine Vacth recited the last verses of the poem “Novel” by Rimbaud.


  • Food of the month

Source and Credits: Adam’s Big Pot by Adam Liaw

The cold days are not there yet! You might still want to eat healthy enough and fit in those tight summer clothes. However, if you are already craving for some hot and delicious food instead of your usual salad, then the Kimchi Fried Rice dish is for you.

I live in Paris and I work near the streets where all the most famous Asiatic restaurants are located. Ironically, I’ve discovered this Korean dish because all my favorite places to eat were close for Holidays during August.

Kimchi is a dish made of rice, napa cabbage and a large varieties of seasoning including chili powder which is why, in some case, the rice is red. You may add an egg and vegetables to it if you like but I like mine without. It’s also healthy with few calories in it.

I loved it, it was simple and tasty. It doesn’t take long to make and I feel like it’s the prefect dish for September!

Note that there are many way of cooking this dish. I like Adam Liaw’s recipe, you can find it on

  • Singer of the month

I’m a huge fan of Sofia Carson! She is a wonderful actress and a lovely singer.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Source: The Denver post

She is a also a bundle of contradiction which only makes her more amazing to me: She is a Disney actress with a sultry voice and seductive attitude, kind, humble but very confident and not afraid of speaking her mind. She is a little queen.

I watched her in the Descendants movies and all the other Disney movies she made. I also watched her appearances in “Famous in Love”

She released the hit song “Love is the name” and “Back to Beautiful” in 2016, two songs I loved.

I think she’s going to be great. Sofia is discreet about her personal life and very focused on her acting and her music. Everything I love in an artist.

Her latest collaboration is named Rumors with R3HAB and it’s the perfect song for the end of the summer!

There! This is my “Starting the Month With” September favorites! I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope to see y’all for the next post on this series! Stay safe and stay golden.




  1. I’m with you on Stargate SG-1. I loved the characters (although the Jack O’Neill character was challenging sometimes with his disregard for other people’s opinions) and all the places they visited. And that Kimchi Fried Rice sounds amazing!

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